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Dec 1, 2010 09:41 AM

Best persian restaurant?

Thinking about doing Persian for my upcoming birthday. What's the best Persian restaurant in SD? Looking for a place with great filet mignon kebab barg. I've been to Bandar in the gaslamp before and it was pretty good. Darband 5th Ave Grill gets some good reviews as well ( Has anyone been there?

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  1. It's been awhile but have had great meals at Sadaf in LJ.
    Also, MarketPlace Grille is excellent and casual in LJ next to Rimel's/Porkyland.

    1. Agree with BeachChick on the recs, and hate to say this, but there's really nothing to compare with Shahrzad in Westwood (fresh naneh from the tanoor can't really be swapped out for cold lavosh). If you want a mildly hipster atmosphere with generally good rice, try Soltan Banoo in UHeights. Beats Sadaf for atmosphere for sure.


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        Shahzrad is a must next time I'm up in Westwood..sounds love love Persian food!
        Salty..when is your next gig and where?

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          Yeah- Shahrzad is good and very crazy in a good way if you go in the evening- I'm talkin' Iranian-American families of 20+ holding court. Waiters tend not to do a lot of explaining, but the menu is pretty self-explanatory.

          In SD there's also Darband on Fifth north of downtown, which might get a few points for the glut of cabbies playing backgammon and drinking tea like mad in the front. Pretty decent kabobs, too.

          As for me, assorted stuff around town that's either private or not all that worth going to. I'm holed up for a while in prep for a big audition and am not doing a lot of my normal shows this December. Then I'm off to Florida for two months of opera- why not head out in March to Sarasota for great music (tix on me) and the best pizza Napoli I've had in the states? The Gulf o M is blue blue, the sand white powder and the water a chilly 74 degrees. Tarballs make great mementos...


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            Thanks Salty for the offer and if I was in the area, I would love to hear Puccini or Verdi!

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              You like Maestrone Verdi? You, BC, are after my own heart.


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            BC, definitely check out Shaherzad the next time you're up here...but know that you won't want to go back to eating Persian in SD afterward!

        2. SaltyRaisins is right - no restaurant in SD can compare with Shahrzad.

          Beware that Soltan Banoo is not your typical chelow-kabab heavy Persian restaurant - they serve more homestyle cuisine. My mother-in-law is a fantastic Persian cook, so I haven't been there in at least six years.

          Another option is to have Balboa International Market cater a party at someone's home. They have some of the best Persian food in San Diego and even pass the picky Persian mother-in-law test. The prices cannot be beat, especially for catering (about $20 per person for ridiculous amounts of food - you probably could order for only half as many people as will attend and still get more than enough food). You can now get Persian bread fresh from their oven.

          Soltan Banoo
          4645 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

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            Second Balboa International Market. Great place for lunch

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. Funny you guys bring up Shahrzad in Westwood. I randomly stopped in there about 10 years ago after seeing it while driving down the street and since then it's still the best Persian food I've ever had. And you're right about the fresh naneh making a huge difference. Unfortunately asking my friends to drive up to LA for dinner would be a little much I think :).

            Catering is probably not an option since my place is really small. I did look at the menu for Soltan Banoo and I think I'd prefer a more traditional chelow-kebab style restaurant this time.

            Soltan Banoo
            4645 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116