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Dec 1, 2010 09:31 AM

Tatiana (Brighton Beach): Buffet or a la Carte?

Was given a gift certificate to Brighton Beach's famous Russian behemoth Tatiana and, when I called to reserve a table, was asked if I wanted to partake of the buffet ($105pp, inclusive) or to order a la carte (with a $25 music charge)?

What do hounds think?
We're going on a Saturday evening and are not (!) vodka drinkers.

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  1. Are you drinkers at all? Because the time I went it was quite a shitshow out there. The prix-fixe came with a half bottle of vodka, but we otherwise did BYOB (a bottle of Russian Standard, and then a bottle of Hennesey). It was quite a black out, but I remember some of the trippy Vegas show. If you don't drink Vodka, but still drink, the "corkage" for something else is like $15 maybe?

    The "buffet" is an enormous, inedible amount of food the rises up in layers off your table. The food was good, in that Russian sort of way, from what I remember. At least the Russian with us didn't complain. I've only ordered a la carte for lunch, outside, during the summer, but I don't remember that being super cheap either, but you could always order light I suppose.

    I'd suggest the prix-fixe since, to me at least, it was part of the experience. If you want a more sober, cheaper experience, then I'd personally save the certificate up for lunch in the warmer months.

    Have fun!

    1. If you are just going for food, I think you'll be disappointed, not that it's bad food, just nothing special. Tatiana, as may have already been stated in previous posts is an experience... if you do a buffet, you get a table for the whole evening (I believe this place is opened at least until 2am)... it is too much food, you can take the rest with you home :). And I don't believe there is a corkage fee, if you don't drink vodka, I'd strongly suggest bringing your own alchohol, it is quite common for Brighton Beach Restaurants...