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Dec 1, 2010 07:45 AM

Great Falls -- Tavern or Brogue?

I have to pick a restaurant for my bookclub of 10 members to have a comfortable, able-to-converse lunch on December 11, but it has to be right in the heart of Great Falls due to the artisan craft show at the library. Checking out what's there and open for lunch (and have websites), Great Falls Tavern and The Old Brogue seem to be the only reasonable choices. Is one particularly better than the other? Thanks for any input!

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  1. Just to add to the list of considerations, I know that the food at Mediterannee is good. A former coworker used to date the owner and she'd pick up lunch for us with regularity. I've never been inside, and to be fully honest haven't had it in about 18 months.

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      Not open for lunch on Saturdays, unfortunately.

    2. Most assuredly yes. The Brogue is far better -- they have a thirty-year history in that spot, and the locals know the Brogue as the best dive within many miles and towns. The food is above average and creative for an Irish bar, the help is great and locals always know the best food in town.

      The other place is a relative newcomer, the food is lack-luster and without creativity, and I've seen bugs crawling around in there.

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        Second the above. The Tavern's food, on the couple of occasions we have eaten there, ranged from lackluster (as noted above) to not very good at all.

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          The Brogue has better food and a nicer ambiance. I used to live in the area and visited both often.