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Dec 1, 2010 06:12 AM

Christmas Morning and Christmas Day Night in London

My husband and I are arriving in London on Christmas Eve night (just in time to go to midnight mass). We have a reservation for Christmas Lunch at Bluebird Chelsea at 2:00 p.m. I've been doing my research on what will and won't be open, but I am having a touch time with Christmas Day.

Two questions:
1.) In the morning will there be anything open to have breakfast/coffee? I know the hotel is always an option, but I am never a fan of overpriced hotel breakfasts. The website for Aubaine (Old Brompton) said that it is open 9am-10pm on Bank Holidays, but not sure if that means Christmas Day or not.

2.) After having our Christmas lunch, I'm sure we won't be hungry for a big dinner, but we will need something later. Are there any pubs or places that might be open later in the evening on Christmas Day? I did see that the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland says it is open everyday from 10am-10pm, but does that include Christmas Day? Know that it isn't stellar food or anything but if we just need a festive atmosphere and a snack, that might hit the spot.

Are we better off trying to hit a grocery/odd bins on Christmas Eve to stock up on some food and drinks?

If you couldn't tell, we're staying in South Ken and knowing that the transportation can be tricky we are willing to walk pretty much anywhere within a few miles.


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  1. The website says that the Hyde Park Wonderland is not open on Christmas Day.

    1. Not sure how late you are getting in on xmas eve, but be aware that almost everything will start closing from about 3-4pm. There will be a handful of shops open into the evening, but this will be hit-or-miss and mainly the corner off-license (convenience store) variety. You might be better off finding a pub or restaurant for a light meal.

      Last year I found that most pubs and restaurants scheduled some open times during the 24th, 25th, and 26th, but not for the entirety. So for example, some places were open on the 24th, but not the 25th and 26th. Some were only open for lunch on the 24th and 26th, but not dinner. Others did Christmas Day but not Boxing Day. Etc. Short of calling each potential place ahead of time, I think it's impossible to know exactly what will be open when. However, in the centre of London, things will be open, as there are many other tourists like you do business with.

      On Christmas morning, you should be able to find something open for coffee and breakfast, but you may have to explore a bit on foot to find it. At worst, you can do a hotel restaurant. Bank holiday is a different thing from Christmas, so don't use that as your guide.

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        And contacting each restaurant/place we're interested in over the dates we're there is exactly what I have been doing. So will just continue on with that and go with the flow, scouting out places nearby and the times they are open/closed.

        Appreciate the responses and thanks for finding the "except Christmas Day" on the Winter Wonderland site. I didn't see it!

      2. The Lebanese restaurants on the Edgware Road, just north of Marble Arch will be open. You could walk through Hyde Park to get there. Not sure what time they open in the day but will be open late into the night.

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          Perhaps Chinese restaurants in Chinatown/Bayswater will be open? I plan on having Christmas dinner alone at one of them LOL