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Dec 1, 2010 05:32 AM

Bakeware for toaster oven

Our makeshift kitchen (during a long restoration project) includes a Cuisinart convection toaster/broiler oven which we use on an almost daily basis. We'd like to buy some smaller pieces of bakeware that (a) would look nice enough for oven-to-table and (b) will be something I'd still use when the renovations are over and (c) could also go in the MW. We had in mind a 9x9 or 8x8 square, a 9" oval, and a pair of ramekins. There are just 2 of us, so a pair of miniature (5"-ish) baking dishes would also be an option.

None of what I've been looking at online is mentioned in a thread on toaster oven bakeware -- it was about the sets of miniature metal sheets & pans -- so I wonder if we're way off the mark ???

I was trying to decide from among EH Artisan, EH Ceradon/Auberge (white interior), LC Heritage, Revol Eclipse, Revol Belle Cuisine, Fiesta bakeware, and perhaps Chantal. Any thoughts on using any or all of these in a toaster oven?

We have Staub cookware (which we love) but have never used enamel-on-cast-iron bakeware -- would that be an option for the TO? Staub makes several mini pieces. LC's oven dishes are pretty big, but some of the smallest Chasseur baking dishes might fit.


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  1. I use the Staub 7 ¾in. gratin dishes and their small round 2¾ qt cocotte dutch oven in my toaster/convection oven.

    I also bought a small pizza stone from Fantes and some small ¼ and 1/8 sheet pans for use in the oven from Amazon. 1/8 sheet pans are something new, but you should be able to get two for under $14 incl shipping. They were nice heavy duty commercial pans.

    1. Any of what you mention should be fine. I have the same toaster oven and use it all the time. More than my large oven. I have some Emile Henry, LC, and some SLT porcelain bakeware I use in it regularly with no issues. I had some small gratins from Cost Plus I used a lot over the years but have recently started crazing so I'm looking to replace those likely with something from one of these three lines or from Revol or Apilco. I also have a couple small casseroles I've picked up at local art fairs that fit well. You'll be surprised how many options there are in small pieces once you start looking. I'm constantly having to remind myself I don't need more as I'm always seeing ones I like.

      any 8x8 or 9x9 bakeware piece should work(All clad, chicago metallic, the stuff from W-S, etc). I just use my 8x8 emile henry if I"m baking. My 9" pie dish fits fine as do my loaf pans too.

      I have an old version of this toaster oven. My mom and sister both have the new version which is bigger. It might fit a 1/8 sheet pan? I'm not sure.

      I still use the original little pan that came with it for just about everything. I have a silpat that fits it well. Yesterday I used it to toast some nuts, roasts some acorns and make some cookies. I leave it sitting on top with the silpat ready to go whenever I want to pop something in.

      None of my LC enamed cast iron pieces are small enough to fit. It's more an issue of height than width or depth in my oven. If i had one that fit though I wouldn't hesitate to use it.

      I really love my toaster oven. Can you tell? LOL

      1. I have a similar oven. However I bought bakeware wherever I could find it. I have a round pizza pan I got at the grocer's, and a couple of smaller pans I found at Home Goods. I also have a very nice covered Chantal casserole which I must have found at Home Goods, and a round Cuisinart pan with a lid, no doubt found at the same place.

        My point is you can find smaller stuff, and if it fits your oven it should be fine. The smaller metal and ceramic bakeware is where you can find it, basically.

        I love my oven! I use it daily.

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          Wal-Mart has some nice cheap Corningware white sets that would work well for what you want. If you don't like Wal-mart, you can get the same sets at other discount retailers for less then $20. I use the small ramekin's to make my own "egg mcmuffin's". Pam the ramekin, plop and egg in, put in the steamer, toast English muffin, add canadian backon and some chedder, top with egg ... ymmm. For your toaster oven, all sorts of options exist with the white Corningware too. And, it sure looks nice for formal holiday meals too.

        2. I have the breville toaster oven (which I LOVE) and use le creuset stoneware, apilco and pillivuyt porcelain (try, and quarter aluminum baking sheets from Amazon. Let me know if you have trouble finding any of these and I can link to a few examples.

          1. Thanks, everyone. Glad to know the pieces I'm looking at should work.