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Dec 1, 2010 04:30 AM

Need small recipes for my new three crock slowcooker

I recently purchased a three crock slowcooker - works great! Problem is I don't have a cookbook for slowcooking and the crocks are small, only 2.5 quarts each.

Last night I broke it in with beef stew in one and mexican beef in the other. Both turned out great. The last slowcooker I bought was way to hot on high (it would scorch) and low worked like high so I don't have a lot of experience with a slowcooker, any ideas would be really appreciated.

Would love to have some interesting things to try. Would be nice to have dinner ready when I get home from work, and eat at a reasonable hour instead of 9 p.m.

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  1. Don't have a recipe offhand, but I highly recommend picking up a copy of 'Art of the Slow Cooker" by Andrew Schloss. It's not just a recipe book. It gives some great tips and guidelines concerning cooking with a slow cooker. Most of the recipes go for 5-6 quart cookers, but I'm sure you can cut the ingredients in half to fit your 2.5 quart.

    1. Just cover a pork tenderloin with good bbq sauce, lay it down on a bed of sliced onion, and let it go while you work; as long as it's over 5-6 hours it'll be fine. A great slow-cooked side dish would be string beans, again with the onion, chicken broth for the liquid, and some cubed potatoes in for the last hour. Shred the pork; serve it on good rolls, serve up a bowl of the beans, and there's dinner. If you cube your potatoes and just leave them covered in acidulated water they'll hold up fine 'til you get home and can add them then.

      1. I love slow cooking and I have 5 crocks! That being said, I would recommend that you get a very trashy cookbook....called "Fix it and Forget it". While I really never use the exact recipes out of the book (many start with "add a can of cream of mushroom soup") it has been utterly indispensable to me for giving me a wide variety of cooking time options and tips for all kinds of dishes. For example, I think there are three or four recipes on each page, for the same or really similar dish, with similar ingredients but with drastically different cook times/temps/procedures. This really saves me when I need options to cook on low for 8 hours straight- rather than to start at high for 2 hours, then turn to low for another 6 hours, etc. I have never found another book that does this. It is reliable.
        Another resource is "a year of slow cooking" at . I actually use the recipes from there and they are good "as is". There is also a forum there that is a great read. There is actually a link in the forum to *crock trio small recipes*.