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Dec 1, 2010 03:18 AM

Baked Brie with Half a Wheel?

I have a 2-lb wheel of brie for an upcoming party, and I just decided that I'd like to use the brie to do both baked brie and brie on a cheese plate. Has anyone done a puff pastry-wrapped baked brie with only part of a wheel? Am I going to end up with a greasy/runny mess on the side where it's been cut (because there's no rind), or does the puff pastry counteract this? Thanks!

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  1. I've done it with just a wedge, it's no problem. Obviously make sure the brie is fully wrapped by pastry before popping it in the oven.

    1. Sure, yes I have, very doable. You obviously wrap the entire wedge of brie with the pastry, no seams on the cut end. The baked brie runs out, well, more like gently flows out, when it's baked and cut open by your guests anyway. The puff pastry will not allow the brie to leak out from the rindless end while baking. The occasions I had to do this was when I catered; sometimes clients wanted to serve half or quarter wheels of brie, and felt it was more attractive in that larger form, than putting out a few petite wheels. Worked just fine.

      I used to design the pastry top by scoring it with a knife in a decorative pattern; as it bakes, the pattern appears. Small pastry cutouts, leaves, twisted thin decorative ropes, fruit, can be adhered with egg wash as well. It's also nice to top the brie with nuts, pecans or walnuts, and dried fruit, cranberries, cherries, or fruit chutneys, before you wrap it. More festive.

      However you do it, don't forget to brush the whole with egg wash for a nice golden shiny crust.

      1. Perfect -- thanks, Adrienne and bushwickgirl!!