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Antigua, GT: Cafe Sky – A sky dive

rworange Nov 30, 2010 09:02 PM

Known for its view, Cafe Sky serves salads, soups, pastas, hamburgers, nachos, Mexican dishes and entrees such as bbq chicken, filet mignon, chicken cordon bleu, shish kebabs, etc. Breakfast is served all day

What surprised me was what a dive bar Café Sky is.

Great name, pretty logo, lots of positive mentions about the view … but … dive.

The sign on the stairway to the restaurant reads in English and Spanish

Please !!!!!




That says it all. I don’t think they were trying to be ironic or funny.

Here's what I had rated from A+ to F -

C …... Michelada
F + … Coffee
C …... Salad

Service: C … Average
Ambiance: B + … Very, very good
Price: $$

Restaurant record with more info such as address, phone and menu

Flickr photostream with more pictures

  1. JoanN May 23, 2011 11:27 AM

    Went to Cafe Sky for drinks before dinner the other night. Friend and I each had a margarita and they were vile. Right out of a bottle. Sicky-sweet and the tequila was barely discernable. Agree the ambiance is very, very good. But if I ever go again, I'll drink beer. Wouldn't trust anything else.

    1. rworange Nov 30, 2010 09:02 PM


      MICHELADA: C … Average

      This was ok. The tomato juice mix had a little kick to it. However, there was a weird chemical lemon flavor to it. It was like the dishwashing liquid wasn’t rinsed well from the glass.

      It could be the variety of citrus used. Antigua has something that seems similar to Meyer lemons. I’ve never liked those. It is always the better restaurants that use these and I really despise the floral quality they give drinks.

      COFFEE: F + … Mostly inedible

      This is drunk coffee. The type that may help when downing too many shooters. So that is what raises it to an “F +”. That is its saving grace. It was still undrinkable. The thick sludge tasted like it had sat on a coffee warmer all day. The milk even had a sour note to it.

      SALAD: C … Average

      The menu makes a big thing of it being organic and using different lettuces. That being said, it didn’t rise above bagged salad greens. Topped with the tasteless local Roma tomatoes, shaved carrots, a little avocaodo, a few slices of onion, black olives and cucmbers, it was ok, but nothing special. The vinaigrette in the little clay pitcher was good.

      SERVICE: C … Average

      They take your order and bring it in more or less a timely fashion. They forgot my request for a second glass of water. Pretty much they leave you alone to either socialize with friends, work on a pc or just enjoy the view.

      AMBIANCE: B + … Very, very good

      Initially I thought the same thing about the view as one guy who looked around and said “I’ve seen better”. Still, it is a pleasant place to relax.

      You enter thru a travel agency. There are a few businesses on the first floor. Climb a flight of stairs to the second level where the lounge is. The view isn’t as good here, but there is still a nice enough view of one volcano.

      A spiral staircase takes you to the third floor and rooftop terrace. Antigua seems in love with the spiral staircase.

      IMO, the only reason to go here is to sit on the third floor and drink in the view with your drink.

      A counter with bar stools runs around the edge of the terrace with various bar tables in the center.

      Antigua is in some sort of time warp of the 1960’s – 1970’s. I have never heard so much rock from the Beatles. The background music was Paul Simon and “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes”. It’s a song I like, but the track kept looping and I must have heard it four or five times.

      The drinks also reminded me of my college days. I’ll list a few on the next post.

      Looking on the other tables, the food seemed better than I expected it to be, but in the same class as the salad … solid, but nothing special

      While I wasn’t bowled over by Café Sky, it was a pleasant enough way to spend a little time.

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      1. re: rworange
        rworange Nov 30, 2010 09:06 PM

        A few of the drinks at Café Sky. The rest of the menu link is on the Restaurant and Bar record in the OP.

        Carlos Rossi red or white
        Fronterra cab and sauvignon blank
        Underraga trivento (argentina)
        Casillero del Diablo (chile)

        Amaretto sour
        Banana colada
        Black Russian
        White Russian
        Banana nut – frangelico, banana, cream, pina
        Drunk monkey’s lunch – kahluaa, banana liquor, vodka, mmilk
        Electric smurf
        Sex on the beach
        Long Island iced tea

        Blue marlin – rum, curacao, lemon juice
        Buzzards breath – amaretto, mint liquor, tequila

        Rum Botran 12, 8, 15, 18
        Zacapa Centenario 23 years

        Suero – rum, mineral water lemon, salt

        Illegal mescal – joven , reposado, anejo, gusanIo

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