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Nov 4, 2005 03:33 AM

Hot, Bubbling Cauldrons of NABEMONO

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During a recent airing of KSCI 18's "DOTCHI NO RYORI" - a Japanese cooking show where 2 hosts pitch rival menus to a panel of celebrity guests - I was introduced to "Ishikari-nabe," a salmon, miso and sake hot-pot stew. While this variety of Nabemono seems to be Hokkaido winter-time specialty, I'm wondering if anything close can be had in the greater LA area? I can't stop thinking about this dish. Actually, any suggestions for Nabemono would be appreciated - fish, seafood, chicken, meat and/or vegetables. Miso broth preferred. Use of real SAKE LEES a plus. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have not found Ishikari-nabe in the US (not that I've looked very hard), but I've eaten it in Japan and it's delicious. It's very spicy, and acts on your body temperature like chili -- warms you up from the inside out.

    If you find any, let us know!

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      ishikari-nabe is only one type of nabemono or Japanese "hot pot". I'm on a quest to find nabemono made with maitake mushrooms in LA. As a cancer cure it is quite impressive. I'lltry to keep you posted.

    2. Any luck on your search for nabe?

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        The post's four and a half years old.

        Chanko-nabe is available in a tatami room at Shinsengumi in Gardena, on Western and 185th. You will need to call for availability.