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Nov 30, 2010 06:04 PM

Route 130 Grill & Sushi Re-Opening?

Went by the defunct Route 130 Grill & Sushi (former site of Giovi's). There are "opening soon" signs posted, but no info as to what the name of the "new" restaurant is. Anyone have any info on this?

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  1. Here we go again ...Well, we'll see what turns up.

    1. Someone on the Hamilton Twp. forum said that it was bought by the folks who own the Tarantella & Femmina restaurants in Medford, NJ . I wish them success but I certainly don’t think we need another Italian restaurant in this area.

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      1. re: TomDel

        Femmina Grill is very good, BYOB. But you're right...another Italian place? Why don't these folks move to somewhere like Texas, where good Italian is nearly impossible to find and people wait almost 3 hours for places like Carrabas???

        1. re: mschow

          The craziest was when this couple from New York set up a pizza/pasta place in Hamilton right where Aladdin's used to be. It was down the street from my grandmother and this was their big dream in life. But it wasn't even that great - and they chose a location where you could conceivably walk to any manner of established pizza places. Not surprisingly, they closed after a few months. I was kind of taken aback by the delusional nature of their business plan.

          Why couldn't we get another Indian place? Or Middle Eastern. Or even another diner. Or better yet, MEXICAN.

          1. re: Heatherb

            I agree and think a really good, upscale, BBQ place would do well in Hamilton, but not another "red sauce" Italian place.

            1. re: TomDel

              Ooooh. You're right. We have bupkes when it comes to BBQ.

      2. I'm curious to see what this place is going to be as well. Been to Tarantella many times with the inlaws and have enjoyed it. The portions are ridiculous!

        As for BBQ, everyone knows that I make the best brisket in NJ at my backyard smokehouse! Tom246 knows! =) Just a few pics from my Halloween smoke at:

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            1. re: Heatherb

              LOL! Of course you can! And feel free to friend us on Facebook as well! -mJ

          1. re: njfoodies

            I can't tell a lie, that brisket was awesome and the wine wasn't bad either :)

            1. re: tom246

              HA HA HA! I was just checking to see if you were going to chime in Tom! LOL! In all actuality, that was one of my least favorite briskets!

              Back to the topic at hand, I drove by and see that they have done some work on the outside of the building. That ugly teal color is gone, and they have painted the building more of a gold/tan color.

              It doesn't look like there are dumpsters or anything outside, so I am guessing they aren't doing much work to the interior...hopefully the new joint is good, but this location is tough, and the real estate over there can't be cheap! Time will tell! -mJ

          2. The restaurant opened just the other day...its called "Villa Romona" - I drove by yesterday and tons of cars in the parking lot and the signs are all up.

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            1. re: jasonpin

              Great, just what the area was missing, an Italian restaurant.

            2. I am a regular customer at the other place they own Femmina Italian Grill in Medford. I drive from Hamilton to Medford because the food and service is that good. Went there for opening night and it is fantastic. Great food. Prices are very cheap and the portions are enourmous. We really do need another Italian restaurant in the area. Most of those now are actually glorified pizza places and not a real nice italian sitdown. Spigoli's up the road is overpriced and is now more of young persons hangout then what it was in the beginning.

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              1. re: robertlew

                What is it like inside? Is there a bar area? Will definitely check this out, but for my money, I find Coltello in Crosswicks impossible to beat! -mJ

                1. re: njfoodies

                  am not related to anyone of the people running the place, I do not own stock, did not lend money, do not get invited to the owners homes, etc. I have been a regular patron at Femmin's in Medford but livng in Hamilton will make my commute to dinner much quicker. The wait staff sat us down and they brought us bread. I nice tasting Italian bread (it was not warm though) along with a dish of very tasty garlic knots. They have a full bar. My wife ordered the hot app. It had calamari, crab cakes, clams casino, eggplant, stuffed mushrooms and a few other things I can not remember and served with a side of marinara sauce. I do not eat seafood so I passed on it but they said it was real good. Now for the dinner. I had the Chicken Scaperello. It was 3 chicken breasts with capallini pasta. The light wine sauce has sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, onion and potato. Very good, it was aways been my favorite. My wife had the mushroom risotto, made with 3 kinds of mushrooms and a brandy creme sauce. My father in law had the pasta primavera which he said was very good but since I am not into brocolli I passed on it. We also had the Rigatoni Bolognese. Thick meat sauce that they make with beef and I think pork or maybe veal. It was a great gravy . Had the Hungarian mushroom soup (light thin broth not that creamy) full of musrooms. We also had the pasta fagioli soup which is very thick, more like a soup.
                  The decor seems to be pretty much what it was when it was the Rt130 grill. Light colored walls. There are 2 large dining rooms, one on the left sems to be the main room and it is next to the bar. The bar is pretty large and has 4 flat screen TV sets hanging from the center. The room to the right looks like it has partitions so they can make it into separate rooms for parties or what. I think it is a good new eating place in the Hamilton area. The prices are very reasonable. The chicken dishes are all about 14.95 while veal is 16.95. The portions are huge. As I said earlier the chicken dishes come with 3 breasts. It is a place that you take home half your meal. The nice thing about this place is that sure there are a number of Itailian 'restaurants" in the area but most ( not all of course) of them are really glorified pizzarias that serve meals. This is a nice athmosphere. As for the website, I googled the name and there is a website that said was under construction as