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Nov 30, 2010 05:55 PM

Rocky Mountain Oysters/ Other rare organ meats in GBA?

I'm wondering where one could buy rocky mountain oysters and other organ meats (beyond the common liver/tripe) in the Boston area. Brain, adrenals, sweetbreads, anywhere to buy these would also be great.

Also, are rocky mountain oysters sold from bulls or just calves?

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  1. I bought some veal sweetbreads at Savenor's on Charles las week. They also have a store in Cambridge,

    They sell most exotic meats, lion, bear, whatever and RMO. Don't know ir they come from bulls or calves. If you have a preference, they'd be the place to inquire. 723-meat

    If you want kidney, intestine,stomach, you'll do best in Chinatown. My fave is C Mart.

    1. The Butcher Shop in the Adams Village section of Dorchester had rocky mountain oysters a few months or so back. It may be worth giving them a call.

      1. I've seen pretty much all of that at Super 88 and H-Mart, along with bull pizzle.

        1. all sorts of organs and innards at ming's in the south end and also at battambang in lowell.