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Nov 30, 2010 03:13 PM

What are you craving right NOW?

I'm not sure if its just me, but for some reason I love hearing about what others are craving! haha.

I remember when I used to get together with friends for study sessions, we always ended up talking about and drooling over each other's in-depth descriptions of the foods we were craving at that moment. I don't think we ever got much studying done, because for the rest of the night, all we were able to think about were the foods we had been describing to one another.

So, Hounds, what are YOU craving at this moment? Give a detailed and drool-worthy description of that food, whether its an elaborate dish or something very simple!
And, do you think you'll be able to satisfy those cravings today?

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  1. Umeshiso maki. Just love that combination of super-sour and leafy-refreshing. Sadly, not today.

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      OK, now I'm craving green chile cornmeal pancakes. Just saw 'em on a menu, and while we in the Southwest put green chile in everything, that one's new even to me.

    2. I am craving churros. Hot and crunchy cinnamon sugary goodness on the outside and puffy yet cakey on the inside. I saw them on "Breaking Bad" last night (DVD) and I have been thinking of them all day. I want them with real hot chocolate preferably after downing a pile of porky tamales.

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      1. re: Sal Vanilla

        Now I'm craving beignets. Hot and crunchy on the outside with confectioners sugar; puffy yet cakey inside. Mom & Dad used to order the mix from Cafe du Monde and make them on lazy Sunday mornings in the winter with good strong coffee.

        No, they weren't from New Orleans, just honeymooned there in the early 50s.

      2. I have just exactly no idea why, but cheese fondue sounds SO good right now, and it's not what's for dinner. With good day-old baguette, made properly with effervescent wine and emmenthaler/comte; maybe a few chunks of apple and sausage, and steamed cauliflower and broccoli........sometime this week, I think.

        1. A slice of Trenton-style thin-crust pizza. No, scratch that. An entire Trenton-style thin-crust pie. I'm working late, and that's my comfort food. Tomatoes and cheese and a crispy crust - even better with garlic and crumbled sausage. Oh why did I click on this post????

          1. I am now really mad I don't have flavor-blasted pizza goldfish. Aaah, could I have not stopped at Giant today?