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Nov 30, 2010 02:49 PM

Christmas Potluck

What to bring to a christmas potluck. I don't want to bring a dessert or appetizer.

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  1. A large deli-pasta salad is always good, and you can use cherry tomatoes, green pepper and black olives to garnish in holiday colors. Just use shell macaroni, Italian dressing, cubed cheeses and salami, artichoke hearts and mushrooms, etc. You can certainly always leave the meat out for a vegetarian version. Another nice one is spinach, bacon, onion and pomegranate with a pom vinaigrette; or if you want to go with something a little heartier, what about wings or calzone in wedges?

    1. I discovered that if you make popovers in mini-muffin tins, because they are small they don't present that soggy texture if they aren't eaten on the spot. I roll a thin ribbon of ham around a small cube of cheese and place it like a column into the batter, which is made with eggnog rather than milk. They are very tasty.

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        same basic proportions though, gregarious? I'm LOVING this idea.

        1. re: mamachef

          Same. I believe I baked them at 375-400 for about 20 minutes. Kept an eye on them. Obviously they are best warm but I took them to a potluck and they all disappeared.

          I have also made them with pumpkin eggnog (Hood's) - love that stuff!