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Nov 30, 2010 02:48 PM

New Curry House in Monterey Park

Has anyone tried the new Curry House in Monterey Park? My girlfriend is a big fan of the Little Tokyo location. We tried going to this new location, but it was sooo crowded at 8:30pm. Anyone been there yet?

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  1. Where are they located?

    I stopped going to Curry House years ago it was getting kind of expensive.
    If you like chicken or tonkatsu curry go to Tapioca Express. It's served in a styrofoam box, but you get a good sized piece of chicken or pork, rice, some veggies and a small drink for $5.95. Only downside is they only serve mild curry.

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      It's in the new Atlantic Times Square. It's one of the places already open along with Green Island, Johnny Rocket's, Lee's Sandwiches, Gatten Sushi and I believe Phoenix and maybe Happy Family. Interestingly, there will be some first time restaurant operations there after all. One getting ready to open is an Asian cafe called Express Cafe or something like that. The directory also shows a restaurant called Fortune Dumpling is going to be there, though there's no sign of work starting on that space.

      Happy Family
      301 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020

    2. I was there maybe 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Half the items on the menu had a sticker over it saying "coming soon". There were people waiting for it to open when I got there right before they open for dinner. I think it taste about the same but I am not a curry fan so don't take my word for it.

      1. Wow didn't know there was a curry house opening there too, I'd expect their curry to taste the same as most other locations.

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          Of course their curry tastes the same at all locations.
          They use House Foods curry which is the largest Japanese curry company in Japan. You can even buy their Vermont brand of curry and make it at home.

          On top of that House Foods runs the chain of Curry House restaurants.