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Nov 30, 2010 02:45 PM

Going to Fid's: what to order?

Off to dinner with friends at Fid's next week for the first time. What have you ordered there and found terrific?

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  1. depends on when you're going... at lunch, the pad thai is excellent... dinner, the fid cakes. Other than that, the menu is tight and fairly easy to navigate... it changes a lot (except for a few standbys like the pad thai and fid cakes), so go with an open mind and ask your server.

    1. The pad thai is excellent indeed, like eastcoastal says. Dennis just gets it, unlike a lot of restos in this town that drown the damn stuff in an overly sweet ketchup-based sauce. Yech.

      The fish soup at dinner with rouille is lovely, and is a bistro dish that is often forgotten these days. It's nice to see it on a menu. Hanger steaks are awesome, and not just because they've become trendy. They really are a wonderful, uber-meaty tasting cut.

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        Just had the braised beef cheeks last week and they were the most tender beef I have ever encountered - and Dennis was away!

      2. Thanks all! luckily we are a party of four (for dinner) so lots of opportunites to try a variety though I confess the fish zuppa/bouillibaise with the garlic highlight sounds like MY thing.