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Finger foods with drinks

I need to bring a cocktail friendly item to a Christmas party. I cannot reheat or assemble- and I will need it will need to hold up in my work fridge. The party is with our commuting friends after work.

I was thinking baking up some sandwiched cookies and tarts, but it might be too weird to have with drinks. Any suggestions besides big wedges of cheese?

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  1. how about a salmon dip with vegies and crackers? I have a really simple one that I make and it is always gone at the end of the night. Asparagas that are grilled and then wrapped in procuitto are a tasty way to go. Spiced nuts are always appreciated as well.

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      Would love to have the recipe, if you don't mind posting. TIA

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        I purchase the packaged sliced salmon at Costco for this.

        8 oz softened cream cheese
        1/2 C. sour cream
        4 oz salmon shreaded
        1 tsp lemon zest
        1 tsp lemon juice
        2 tsp chopped chives
        salt & pepper
        Mix together and chill over night
        serve with crackers, & / or vegies

    2. I just had a cocktail party and did all the preparation the day before for most of the items. I did have to spend a couple of minutes assembling beforehand, but it was worth it to avoid the cheese wedges :) Here are some ideas:

      - White bean bruschetta - blend white beans with some garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper; serve on sliced bread over boursin herb cheese and under a sprinkling of chopped tomato/basil
      - 3 dips with pita/bread/crackers/anything else - here you can do anything, really, and it looks great. Some ideas are: feta/jarred roasted red peppers/garlic/oil, olive tapenade, dijon spread with dijon/mayo/parmesan
      - Pretty up the cheese wedge idea by serving brie and cheddar on a plate with water crackers and assemble a few "suggested pairings" like brie & slices of straberry, cheddar & slices of apple, garnish with some walnuts or dried fruit
      - Home-made cheese sticks - these can be served at room temp and go great with drinks

      1. Homemade cheese straws or 4-seed breadsticks (I like the straws, myself), and a big selection from the olive bar with some shaved proscuitto rolls and melon wedges.
        Or wild-rice/crab salad on endive spears - though it will require refrigeration.

        1. Make smoked salmon mousse and put in a zip lock bag. Have crackers or vegetable (eg. cucumbers slices, endive leaves). When you're ready to serve, just snip the corner of the bag and pipe it out on top. You could also do it w/ chicken salad and have it in a bag. I like using those premade phyllo cups--they're quick and easy. Even simpler, just make prosciutto wrapped grissini. Another easy go-to are gougeres.

          1. you can go sweet or savory. don't worry about the sweet stuff being "weird" with drinks, because depending on people's choice of cocktails, sometimes that's a better pairing!

            - one or more of the following: smoky roasted baba ghannouj, artichoke hummus, black bean dip, white bean dip, tapenade, muhammara, caponata, roasted vegetable dip (e.g. carrot & onion)...served with chips, crackers and/or crudites
            - mini quiches
            - deviled eggs
            - prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
            - spiced chickpeas
            - spiced nuts
            - flavored popcorn balls
            - cheese-stuffed figs or dates wrapped with prosciutto
            - tartlets (chocolate-pecan; chocolate-hazelnut; fruit w/vanilla custard...)
            - glazed nuts
            - chocolate-dipped dried fruit
            - biscotti

            1. Perhaps nothing would be more of a pleasant surprise than finger foods made with chocolate. Chocolate is an excellent accompaniment for many common cocktails.
              You might get some ideas starting here:

              1. The ultimate cocktail accompaniment: spicy cheese-olive balls.


                1. I made pickled radishes and carrot sticks as a nibbler for Thanksgiving, and they were a HUGE hit. They were very addictive. Make them a couple of days ahead of time, transport them in the pickling liquid, then set them out without the liquid. Easy to pick up, good with drinks. Here's a link to the recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                  1. Pinwheel rollups are great with cocktails. I always just invent something on the spot but you can google for recipes. They can be made ahead and sliced, then stacked back together in a zip top bag until ready to serve.

                    The basic idea is a large tortilla spread with something moist (like boursin, hummus, etc) then add a layer of sliced meat (ham, turkey, roast beef), colorful veggies (chopped black olive, roasted red pepper, chopped fresh parsley). Roll it tightly, wrap in plastic wrap and let sit in the fridge for a few hours before slicing.

                    1. muffaletta (pressed sandwich). Made the day before and pressed, just unwrap and cut into wedges to serve. You can toothpick each wedge, if necessary, to help hold it together.

                      1. Chocolate covered grapes, which are easy, make-ahead, best cold (yay work fridge), and totally a surprise. You can make them savory by making them salted or spicy or just leave them as a chocolate treat.

                        1. sounds like people like cheese. I think i can bake up some cheese straws and phyllo cups for salmon mousse. yum!!