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Nov 30, 2010 01:07 PM

Montevideo advice

Would appreciate any comments about these restaurants in Montevideo-- Cafe Misterio. Baltasar, Isla de Flores. Am looking for a place that serves a variety of great food and is liked by locals. Any other suggestions would be great--looking for fish more than meat. Thanks.

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  1. I went to Cafe Misterio once, and everything I had was good. In a large group, everyone got different desserts, which were all excellent. The best looking one on the table was "death by chocolate." I had fish for my main dish (salmon I think), which I would also recommend. Downsides to Cafe Misterio are the price and it's location in Carrasco (about 30 minutes from downtown).

    Another good place that has consistently good fish is Bar 62. Again, I've never had a bad meal there, and I take all my visitors to Montevideo there.

    La Perdiz is also a good option and is located near the Sheraton Punta Carretas. They are known for their meat, but they have a variety of other dishes, including fish and pastas. La Perdiz has consistently good food and service.

    Depending on your daytime schedule, you can try Estrecho Bar, which is located on Peatonal Sarandi. They always have a fish of the day. Estrecho Bar is only open for lunch M-F.

    Hope this helps and that it arrived in time.

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      Thanks so much for this information. Do you have any recommendations for Punta where will stay for 5 nights? Should we try to go to Jose Ignacio for lunch or dinner? We don't have a car and will need to take a taxi? Is Garzon really too far to go to?