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Nov 30, 2010 12:33 PM

Cakes in Newton/Wellesley/Natick area?

Looking for a good, reasonable place to have a cake made for a christening to feed ~60 people. I already have pricing from Quebrada (love their cakes, but a bit more than I want to spend), Rosie's (super expensive) and Roche Brother's...any other places I ought to look into? I don't want the standard sheet cake with (IMO ugly) cross on the front...want something a bit more custom. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Russo's has great cakes, very reasonably priced. Not sure if they do custom baking. Bread and Chocolate in Newton is good as well, but more expensive (and I'm not sure if they do custom orders either).

    1. Well you've hit up all my go-to places. Roche Bros. should be pretty reasonable, and I always found their chocolate cake a cut above most supermarket ones. I notice from their website that they've added several specialty flavors.....might be good! Antoine's in Nonantum does a wonderful Italian fruit/whipped cream cake.

      1. Was very happy with cakes from Whole foods. I was buying a few cakes so they had me sample different cakes. Very nice people working at the bakery (Washington st. store). Prices were equal to the other bake shops.

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          I have not had the same experience as catspercapta re:WF cakes. I find them lacking in depth of flavor and overlly sweet. I wonder if the different locations vary at all.....I've only had cakes from the Newton stores.

        2. We just did one from Party Favors in Brookline. They are definitely more expensive than the places you mentioned but will customize anything you ask for.

          Party Favors
          1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

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            Party Favors is crazy expensive when you start getting into designs.

            As well as their preordered cakes are hit or miss

            We've gotten at least 8 cakes from them... and I can honestly say I think we're done. 4 of them were on the stale side.

            I think they're just too busy for their own good so they cook your cake way ahead of time and therefore it's not as fresh as the stuff in the coolers.

            Party Favors
            1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

          2. Icing on the Cake in Newton. I think you need to order the cake 7 days in advance.