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grocery store soups

I ran in the store today to grab a good soup to take home (perfect for a rainy day). I automatically assume the canned ones aren't worth the time so tend to grab a refreigerated one. There doesn't seem to be too many out there but have tried a couple with limited success.
Can anyone recommend one that they've liked?

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  1. i know, i know, not a grocery store, but i like the prague deli soups and you can purchase them frozen from the cases along the sides of the resto/shop. i do simmer the tripe one for at least a half hour longer so that it has the thickness that i like.

    1. Non-grocery favorite: Leslieville Cheese (have only been to Queen W store) has a curried lentil soup to die for. SO and I picked up our first jar of it to have as a starter last NYE. It was so filling we barely touched our main and so delicious we didn't care.

      At grocery stores, I'm a big fan of the Pacific Organics tetrapack soups. Their ginger/carrot one is good, though a bit carrot-y and not as rich as a gourd soup. (Their butternut squash doesn't quite tick the "richness" box for me either, but it's tasty and nicely seasoned.) By far my fave - their black bean soup. It's spicy and smoky and filling and delicious. Try with garlic toast or olive tapenade on crackers. Yum!!

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        thanks...I'll have to check out the Prague Deli shop and Pacific Organics.
        I've tried a couple of the Longo's soups which were decent and just bought 'Soups On' Split Pea...not bad but needs salt (they don't add any so I guess it's to be expected).
        I'm open to any other suggestions for whoever has them.

      2. Sunflower Kitchen's Egyptian Lentil is pretty good. I usually doctor it up with a bit of cumin, a squeeze of lemon juice and serve with a dollop of yoghurt. Like pinstripeprincess, I'm a big fan of Prague Deli for fresh and frozen soups.

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          I like Sunflower Kitchen's Borscht and Vegetarian Harira, too ;-)

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            Sunflower Kitchen's soups were on sale at Whole Foods for $5.99/jar today, in case anyone wants to stock up.

        2. The Longo's mushroom soup in the plastic carton is really good..also Longo's carrys a line of food in the frozen section I think is called Village Kitchen, and they have really good soups.
          I especially love the Apple Curried Squash

          Village Kitchen
          13574 Tecumseh Rd E, Tecumseh, ON N8N3N7, CA

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            I would definitely agree with the mushroom soup from Longo's -- it's amazing! I had it on the salad bar of the Longo's in First Canadian Place and was shocked at how delicious it was and the price was for sure right!!!

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              I threw it out, didn't like it at all.

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                although I didn't throw mine out, it didn't rock my world.

                I thought for sure I was going to be blown away after I read the caolorie count. 50% of your dailly saturated fat in one cup should mean a ton of flavour. not so. It did taste mushroomy but it needed something - maybe salt?!?

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              is this a cream based soup? Thanks for the tip!

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                it is creamy, but I find it pretty thick and add a little stock to thin it out a bit. Restaurant quality though!

            3. I always enjoy the prepared soups from Summer Hill Market. Right now I've got a jar of the African Yam soup which is really nice on a cold afternoon.

              1. Some of the other repsonses have been for products available at small stores which make their own soup, which is not what you appear to be asking for.

                For something much more widely available, try the Campbell's Italian Wedding soup.

                I like adding some fresh spinach to it while it heats up.

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                  If OP is looking for canned soups from the grocery store, I like the soups from Amy's Kitchen.


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                    Me too, but they're (unfortunately) pretty expensive.

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                      If sticky to purely canned soup, I really like Amy's and lately have been loving Primo Tuscan Bean..also like Baxter's French Onion and Portage Mushroom

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                        Funny you should mention Primo, as their Minestrone was always my "feeling sick/flu-ish" soup to eat.

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                      Yeah I have to agree, for canned mass market soup (big caveat!), the Campbell's Italian wedding is not bad.

                    3. I eat the Wicked Thai Chicken soup from Loblaws for lunch at least 3 times a week if I can. It's usually one of the hot soups available in the takeout section. Creamy, savoury, and soooo tasty, full of chicken, rice and mushrooms. It has that certain something that makes me want to suck it right off the spoon. I would love the recipe, actually, but too much of a good thing...??
                      Not sure if it would still be around by dinnertime, but if so it's worth a try.

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                        Yeah I love this soup too but feel guilty about consuming so many calories! This is at the Ziggys at Yonge and St. Clair.

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                          LALALALA I can't hear you...calories don't exist when it comes to this soup. But really - do you think it's that bad? I've never been able to find any nutritional info about their hot soups.

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                            The Big Carrot on the Danforth has a selection of prepared soups in their fridge that are very good. A little pricier ($8 range), but will be a meal for two people. I've liked the ones I've tried from Halls Kitchen, and agree that Sunflower Kitchen does a good lentil soup & a decent healthy version of hot & sour. There are others brands I would still like to try.

                            I've tried the curried lentil soup from Whole Foods and it was great.

                            As far as canned soups go, the Wolfgang Puck soups have been the tastiest I've tried.

                      2. I tried Wicked Thai Chicken Soup from Loungo's because of a review from Sgogo. Absolutely the best soup I have ever tasted and I love soup. Thanks sgogo

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                          Glad to hear it! Due to a change in location at work, I'm no longer able to enjoy this soup as often, but that just makes it more special when I can.

                        2. For Canned I really like the PC clam chowder, It's potatoes have a nicer texture than the other brands I've tried. For jarred I like the vegan soups they have at Sunshine are by far my favorite. They're healthy and packed with flavour! I can't remember the name of them right now and it's killing me! They sell it at Urban Herbivore too.


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                            I eat Wicked Thai Chicken Soup at least twice a week particularly when I have leftover roast chicken which I dice and throw in while reheating gently. It could do without the rice which I consider filler.

                            I hope someone will knock it off which I don't think would be difficult. A variation of Tom Yam Gai I think.

                            What calories? LOL

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                              I used to buy a canned Tom Yum Gai at Price Chopper in their Thai section. It was pretty good. They had canned green and red curries in the same brand which was good in a pinch to doctor up with some chicken and green beans over rice. Ah, my single days.....

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                                Tried the Wicked Thai soup from Longos last week, it is good!
                                Had a cold, felt like soup, i just won't think of the calories =)
                                Will try the Longos mushroom and Village Kitchen squash next.

                            2. Okay, not a grocery store per se but recently tried the cauliflower soup from The Butcher's Son. Really delicious. It feels cream but there's no milk or cream in it. Beautifully, perfectly seasoned, and with a gorgeous, velvety consistency. Expensive - $8 or $9, I think - but really delicious and filling.