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Nov 30, 2010 10:44 AM

smoked turkey

Anyone know where I could find a good smoked turkey breast for a Christmas buffet??

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  1. Schwartz's Deli sells smoked turkey. Info available on their website.

    3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
    (514) 842-4813

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    1. re: MonsieurMangetout

      Schwartz's smoked turkey is great - but you might want to consider steaming it. It's tasty, but really dry if you eat it the way you get it.

      1. re: erich wiess

        Ha! memories of a smoked duck from Schwartz's that needed to be thawed and heated in a hurry.

        It ended up bagged up and put into an empty dishwasher set to 'pots and pans'... worked perfectly! (tasty if a tad dry)

        Wish I could find the pictures of that little saga.

      1. i got a schwartz turkey a couple of christmas's ago and the box clearly said to steam this bird before eating. You might want to budget time for this step, as the result is an improved experience.

        Turkey-in-a-box was kind of big, so I got a cheap toboggan at the nearby hardware store to slide it home on the snowy sidewalk. Now this is a kitchen accessory that not everybody has! This turkey got treated better than my kid, who I made walk all the way home.

        1. LESTERS on Bernard...........don't settle for the rest.....go for the BEST

          1. FWIT, Le Biftheque butcher shop on Cote-de-Liesse has it. Don't know how good and don't know value or quality (seems expensive, but I figure its probably relatively expensive anywhere), just that they have it.

            Le Biftheque
            86 Rue De La Gare, Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R1R6, CA