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Nov 30, 2010 10:08 AM

Where to order white truffle dish in Austin?

I'd like to try Italian white truffles, they are in season now and are featured in many NY restaurants but I can't find a restaurant here that is serving dishes with actual truffles, not truffle oil. Any suggestions?

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  1. This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I saw them for sale at Central Market North a couple days ago over in produce.

    Central Market
    4001 N Lamar Blvd # 100, Austin, TX

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    1. re: shan

      Yep - me too, there's a couple of varieties, but I definitely saw white. Of course, they are pricey.

      1. re: shan

        The white truffles I've seen here in Austin are all from Oregon -- and the few that I've "sniffed" have absolutely no scent at all. It is hard to believe they can be related to the distinctively aromatic white truffles from Alba. And for that reason, I never bother to buy the Oregon ones even though they are about 1/10 the cost of their Italian cousins.

        1. re: Andrew Zachary

          You are correct - they were from Oregon (and an Oregon company sells (or at least used to sell) the only "real" wasabi from the US.

          The truffles were stored in little plastic bags, and the bags had a bed of rice in it. Subconsciously, and only revealed to me by this thread, I thought "I wonder if the rice is soaking up all the essence of the truffle?"

          1. re: rudeboy

            The rice is supposed to a) protect the truffle during shipment, and b) absorb some of the flavors from the truffle. The rice itself makes a pretty decent risotto. A fully aromatic truffle is so strongly flavored no rice could possibly absorb it all. I am unimpressed with the flavor of the Oregon truffles and would rather save my money for the real thing. Now, if only we could find them here!

      2. Asti used to do a real white truffle menu but I don't think they do it any more. I am assuming the CM truffles are not Italian because they are usually priced in the four figures.

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        1. re: Carter B.

          Emilia's used to do one... and yes, this is 6+ years ago. I had the great pleasure of doing a truffle hunt with a hunter and his dog in Italy in 2006. Around all that many truffles its a little overwhelming... I was more interested in the process than the result.

        2. you know, this got me thinking so i started looking at the current menus of the places with "seasonal" menus.
          if they even mention truffles, it's mostly truffle oil.

          1. Vespaio (in season), Fino and Asti (sometimes), Uchiko (varies b/n Burgundy black and Alba white), Driskill (black, no origin online), and Wink always have at least one type on hand (as noted, not always Alba white). I'd call ahead at all to check. And while Olivia doesn't currently have them, I might check with them.

            One note of caution-- truffles move by the gram, somewhere between the prices of saffron and cocaine.

            1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

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            1. re: bubbleboy79

              THANK YOU for all of your great suggestions and comments, Austin is the best! I'm hoping I love the taste, I guess it would be a little ironic if I just hated it after all the trouble and expense but you never know until you try...

              1. re: sunshineats

                Well here we are coming up on fall again. AND, white truffle season. (Oct/Nov) ~ sunshineats, did you ever get your taste of truffles? IMHO, you should buy a fresh truffled olive oil, it will give you a good enough idea of how white truffles taste. (be sure to get oil flavored with white truffles, as black truffles taste quite different) ~ THEN you can decide if they are worth splurging for. Once fall rolls in, you can find white truffles online. Fresh ones will taste slightly different from truffle oil, but it will have that same aromatic quality.

                definitely expensive. I like what someone said above "somewhere between the price of saffron and cocaine" LOL

            2. hey sunshine, i got a NYE email from garrido's and they are doing a black and white truffle meal:
              4 courses $47
              attached is the PDF (because i am lazy and didn't want to type all that out).

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              1. re: dinaofdoom

                I got truffles for my birthday once. They are one of my favorites in the world...I must admit though nothing I made tasted as good as what I got at restraunts :( I guess somethings are best left to the professionals...