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Nov 30, 2010 09:55 AM

Buying a new range

Hi there! We are starting our kitchen reno in the new year & I'm looking for a new range. I was thinking of going with a dual fuel range, but can't decide which to go with. Just wondering if anyone has any good experiences or bad, since I can't find a ton of reviews.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Mrs Scary would, if money was no object, get an Aga, no question.

    1. I have had a Kitchenaid for 5 years or so and am quite happy with it. It has four gas burners, with an electric oven. It has convect broil and convect roast, which are great for meats when it's too cold to grill outside. There is a grid over the entire top, which I like, as you can slide pots around without an "up and down" motion, potentially tipping things. I have seen other Kitchenaids with more of a raised grid, which I don't like. My one quibble is that it doesn't have a "simmer" function, and the burners run quite hot, so I would look for that if I was re-purchasing. Of course, if money and space were no option, I would go for a 6 burner with two ovens, but my kitchen is too small. I've heard good things about "Wolf" brand, so you might check those out.
      My guy had a stove with an infra-red feature, where you could broil/flash-roast meats up to 700-800, which he liked a lot. I don't remember the make. Good luck with your reno!