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Nov 30, 2010 09:53 AM

Seattle to San Francisco Road trip Updated and ready for advice

OK So thanks for all the advice on the last post I posted and due to some oversight of our itinerary we have changed it slightly to make it more achievable each day and allowing us time to visit the towns we are staying at and stopping along the way.

Updated Itinerary below

Day 1
Drive to Astoria from Seattle
*visit Olympia on the way

Day 2
Drive to Florence from Astoria
*visit Tillamook cheese factory & Newport on the way

Day 3
Drive to Crescent City from Florence

Day 4
Drive to Mendocio from Crescent City
*visit Avenue of the Giants

Day 5
Drive to San Francisco from Cape Mendocio
*visit Point Arena and Santa Rosa on the way

So if any of you all have any recommended adjustments of must stops we may be missing or a better town than our picks and also places to eat in these towns we would be so grateful.


Gavin & Celeste

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  1. Here are a few restaurants in Astoria. Go to Blue Scorcher for good breakfast or lunch. Bowpicker is also great for lunch or dinner. Bridgewater is good for fine dining for lunch or dinner with an outstanding view. Bridgewater has a fine Sunday brunch. Clemente's is also great fine dining for lunch or dinner.

    Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe @ 1493 Duane Street, Astoria, OR 503 - 338 - 7473.
    Bowpicker Fish and Chips @ 1636 Dwane Street, Astoria, OR 503 - 791 - 2942.
    Bridgewater Bistro @ 20 Basin Street, Suite A, Astoria, OR 503 - 325 - 6777.
    Clemente's Restaurant @ 1198 Commercial Street, Astoria, OR 503 - 325 - 1067.

    1. You might enjoy the McKee's Pub at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. I'm not much of a golfer but the food is great. Also in Bandon you might try the fish and chips place on the wharf. It's painted blue last time I was there. Good fish and chips but no alcohol license and little seating.
      There have been a few recent posts about food in Gold Beach. You should check them out. Way more possibilities than I thought there were.

      Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
      57744 Round Lake Rd, Bandon, OR 97411