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Nov 30, 2010 09:51 AM

Onion Ring Chips


I remember eating these chips when I was a kid - they were round, like rings, and onion flavoured. I liked putting them on each finger and then eating them! I was a kid then....

Anyways, I can still remember their taste, and they were really yummy. Does anyone happen to know the chips that I am talking about, and where I can get them? I tried Google searching, but I am afraid that they may no longer be in production :( I know that Costco has something similar, don't know if they are any good or not.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Hiya,

    If you are talking about the ones that are kind of yellowy with a texture similar to Cheetos, then I've found them in Superstore in Calgary. They're a generic store brand.

    I've seen other onion ring snacks in T&T Supermarket but those have a much smoother surface, I think. I don't know the brand name tho'.


    1. Funyuns by Frito Lay. Seems to be still in production -

      1. You might want to try a British store. Look for "onion rings" in a green bag.

        1. This is such a coincidence, because my sister was saying how she found these onion ring chips she used to eat as a child. She found them while shopping at Zellers. Try there and see if they're the same ones (or if they carry them at your local Zellers). Good luck. :)

          1. I recently got these Hawaiian brand Sweet Maui Onion Rings that sound like what you're talking about. I found them at London Drugs (London Place West location).