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Nov 30, 2010 08:49 AM

Dried Marrow Beans Chicago?

I am trying to make a Thomas Keller recipe that calls for Marrow Beans. I called Whole Foods and none of their stores carry them. I also called Piatti Pronto (our local Italian store). Any ideas where I can find this special kind of dried bean?

I also struck out at Treasure Island and Southport Grocery and Fox & Obel.

Also I hear the Rancho Gordo brand is a good kind...

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  1. Almost two years later, I find myself wondering about getting some marrow beans after reading about their interesting attributes somewhere online.

    Looks like you can get 'em on Amazon:

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    1. re: hotfive

      I'll admit that on first read I assumed this was a typo for "marrow bones". On further but limited research (read: Wiki), however, I am quite intrigued. I wonder if it's possible they have another name more common here. Regardless, I'd recommend checking at some of the Middle Eastern shops on Kedzie, around Lawrence.

      1. re: GourmetWednesday

        Wherever I first read about marrow beans--less than a week ago--I believe I remember something about how they're commonly used in Italian cooking. As I'd not heard of 'em before now, I reckon that means that they're used a lot by Italians--cooking IN Italy.

        But yes--they do seem intriguing. I'm doing research for my entry in an upcoming chili cook-off and am considering using them. Has anyone--perhaps the originator of this thread him- or herself, since that first post--had any experience with them? Do they really taste smoky/bacon-y?