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Nov 30, 2010 08:18 AM

Best place for wings near i-87 in NY (anywhere between Kingston and Lake George)?

Looking for a diner/restaurant, open for lunch, that serves great wings (buffalo style) and is easily accessible from i-87 along the stretch between kingston to Lake George (Glen Falls, say). My wife and I regularly travel that road between NYC, PA and Quebec whenever we fly into JFK from London to visit relatives states side.

Partial credit for suggestions for places along i-88 (Albany-Binghampton) or i-81 (Syracuse to Binghampton)!!

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  1. Hickory BBQ 3 minutes West on Route 28 off I-87 for great , giant Buffalo or BBQ wings. There are several places in Albany as well not too far from the Thruway but a little bit from the Northway. Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse has pretty good wings - they are about 10 minutes from I-81.

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    1. re: Dale J.

      There is a relatively new restaurant- I believe it is a chain and have not tried it-called Wild Wings located a very short distance off of I-87 (Exit 9) in Clifton Park. Maybe someone else is familiar with their food.

      1. re: markabauman

        Do you mean Buffalo Wild Wings (which is a chain)? If so, their wings are decent, but not worth a special stop, in my opinion.

        1. re: Solstice444

          That's them. As mentioned, I haven't tried them, but someone showed me their menu. Wasn't overly enticed to go there. Would rather go to a local non-chain in any case.

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        Dinosaur BBQ has opened its location in Troy, NY, minutes from I-87, if that helps.

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          Thanks guys - will start researching. Since posting this I've also read about the ravenswood in clifton park in another thread, don't know how it compares but reviews sounded pretty good.

          The type of place/locations is exactly what I was after so thanks again. We're going round-trip along that road so we'll get to try 2 places!

      3. If you haven't left yet... try the Ale House in Troy. Incredible wings,

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          Still time for suggestions - will be going through on the 20th, and back around the 27th. Thanks

          1. re: timwhoeatsalot

            This is what I ended up doing - will try the other ones next year.

            Wings were phenomenal and huge. 3-4 bites needed a piece. Good thing there was so much sauce that you could re-roll them in between each bite! Thanks for the suggestion I'm really glad I got to try them!

            1. re: mveill1

              Excellent! Glad it worked out, it's one of my favorite places which sadly I rarely get to visit...

          2. Try Gaffney`s at 16 Caroline St. Saratoga Springs. It`s about 2 minutes from 87 right off Broadway. Great wings. I`ve been going there during August racing season for years.