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Nov 30, 2010 06:32 AM


I posted a request for recommendations earlier but got no response. I'm hoping that some kind local may assist.

My flight is arriving early Friday morning. My group (6) is staying at the Peninsula and heading to the Federal Court first thing.

We want a local breakfast place that opens early (ie 8:30-9ish) in one of those two areas.

Any recommendations?\

Thank you for any response.

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  1. Are you looking for a full sit down breakfast or more of a quick breakfast? I know the Penninsula has a breakfast place

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    1. re: lbs

      Thanks for the quick reply,

      While we want to get to the court at some point in the morning, we are not in a rush. We can do diner/full sit down/quit bite - just want something good and local. Any recommendation for any breakfast that would be open by 8:30 is welcome.

      1. re: glickjor

        For the quick bite you could do a lot worse than the Intelligentsia coffee bar, right around the corner from the Federal Building:

    2. I work across the street from the Federal Court and it's a breakfast wasteland. However, the excellent local chain ("chain" may be pushing it, the new location will be their third), Hannah's Bretzel, is opening an outpost right across the street this week. They feature all sorts of sandwiches on pretzel bread including several breakfast sandwiches. Not a fine dining experience but a very good option with local appeal.

      1. About 2/3 of the way from the Peninsula to the Dirksen Building (ie., fed. courthouse) is Heaven on Seaven on Wabash, It does not open until 9 am, so not sure how that fits into your schedule. There are also a lot of other hotel restaurants that serve breakfast, if for some reason you don't want to go to the Peninsula -- e.g., if you'd like to be closer to the courthouse, breakfast at the Atwood Cafe in the Burnham Hotel would be a good option.

        JBW's suggestion of the Intelligentsia coffee bar is good, if your main criteria is excellent coffee. If you are looking to have a private conversation, however, the tables there are relatively few and close together, so it may not be what you have in mind. (For better privacy but much inferior coffee, I usually meet clients at the Corner Bakery in the Marquette Building on Dearborn -- kattycorner to the courthouse.)

        1. If you're willing to walk .75 of a mile (It could be fold) or hop a cab, I'd recommend XOCO, Rick Bayless' new place. They open at 8:00 and serve some great breakfast sandwiches plus churros and hot chocolate. There is no waiter service, however. You order at a counter and they bring the food to you. Also, it gets crowded.

          1. The recently redone restaurant in the W Hotel Adams St called IPO is actually pretty good for breakfast if you want to stay near ultimate destination.

            Since you're spending the client's dime at the Peninsula though, I would say have breakfast there, the food is terrific.

            If you want something a little less fancy and since you'll surely be taking cabs anyway, I would consider one of our many great breakfast places.
            1) Yolk on N Wells at W Chicago. Two steps up from diner breakfast and won't be that busy on weekday.
            2) EATT, new also and very good on Hubbard and State.
            Both have three or four Benedict options, various pancakes and omelets.

            3) Finally, one of my favorites, slightly off the beaten path, but also easy to cab to and from is Melli Cafe in Greektown on Halstead and W Jackson. Great omelets and other specialties. Fresh juices and my go to business breakfast place.

            Each of my cab-to recomendations is very easy to get to. Yolk and Eatt, 5 minutes from hotel, 10 minutes to court. Melli is 15 minutes cab to it, 5 minutes to court.