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Nov 30, 2010 06:28 AM

One Lunch in St. Maarten

We are off a cruise ship for one day - 4 adults and 2 teens. We love roti and a good cocktail as well as rice and beans, curry, etc. The teens will probably do a burger (one is not adventurous - loves chicken tenders and the other will eat anything). Any suggestions appreciated. We'll probably hire a taxi driver for a tour (we did this one year and he took us to a so-so tourist place).

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  1. Head to Grand Case and try one of the lolos across from the main parking lot. Talk of the Town is pretty decent. Also Calmos Cafe on the beach there for a good lunch spot. Or you can go over to Marigot and walk around then enjoy lunch at any othe the places along th emarina harbor front or Bistro Nu near the soccer stadium.

    If th eteens want to see the planes landing over Maho Beach, then look for Hilma's, a divy sort of place (pink trailer) next to the bank in Simpson's Bay on your way to the beach.

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    1. St Maarten St Martin Island is famous for it’s French fine cuisine. Dishes from around the world can be found on the island. West Indies, Creole, Chinese, Indian, American and Italian cuisine are also found on many restaurant menus on the island.

      1. Lee's Roadside Grill in Simpson Bay on the Dutch side. Wood grilled lobster, rice and beans, whole fish, hamburgers...On the water inside the bridge - great place.

        1. Linda, find roti on one of the other islands (what is your itinerary so I can assist) and head to French side. You can get a bus from Back Street in P'Burg to Marigot. Try Le Vie en Rose or Tropicana for lunch. Marigot is fun.

          1. Two places you have to eat at in St Maarten. One is on the French side in Marigot..Seraphina
            The other is a small place at the end of Front St. I say end but it is on the dock end. If you dock on the Dutch side it will be on the landing side.
            The drinks are made with fresh fruits. You can eat at tables right on the beach.

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              The two times we have been in St. Maarten (on a cruise) the French side has been closed (once on a Sunday, the other on some minor religious holiday). Sarafina (the correct spelling, apparently) was open and we ate there and it was great. We will be back in a couple of days and this time I am looking for something different since it will be a weekday and the French side SHOULD be open. I have a car rented so getting around will hopefully not be a problem. Something reasonably priced but memorable would be great :-).

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                Is this for a lunch or dinner? When you say reasonably priced, what is reasonable to you? Even though the euro is off its highs, a meal at one of the more expensive places can be pricy in dollars.