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Nov 29, 2010 06:41 PM

Laksa anywhere?

Does anyone have an idea where to get good Laksa, the Malaysian/Singapourean coconut soup? I just got back from eating it in Vancouver where it was delicious and cheap. Any suggestions?

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  1. There is a version at Nonya, the Malaysian restaurant at Bernard. I haven't had it, but a friend said it is ok, but not fantastic.

    I am Australian and I am used to plentiful, cheap and delicious laksa at home, but Montreal doesn't really have anything similar. Even NY had limited options, I was surprised! Though I did eat my fill of roti canai when I was there.....

    If you find something, please report back!

    1. Good laksa? I'll take any laksa at all, thank you. This town is as Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant deadzone. All we have is Nonya. It's good, but AFAIK they only do laksa as an appetiser. I have no idea if Nantha Kumar still has restaurant (Cash & Curry?), but I don't remember seeing laksa on one of his menus.

      Fortunately, it's not hard to make it yourself. Especially if you use a pre-made laksa paste.

      1. I've been looking for this since i got from Signapore 4 years ago. Please let me know if you find anything. Mmm...thinking of chili crab from Jumbo's and hawker centers. Those hawker stalls really make our mall food courts look like crap.

        1. Actually, you should try Tempopo on Mentana, corner of Mont-Royal. They have a noodle version of the laksa which is really good.

          1. Satay Brothers at Atwater Market sometimes have it on the menu

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            1. re: chilipepper

              Had the Laksa this past Saturday at Satay Brothers and it was outstanding.

              They have it on the menu everyday, but they run out of it quick.

              Satay Brothers
              138 Avenue Atwater, Montreal, QC H3J 2Z6, CA

              1. re: InterFoodie

                I've been to Satay Brothers, and IMHO, I think their Laksa is only OK. It is not a huge serving, firstly, and can be described as a snack only. Laksa is really a meal in Malaysia and Singapour and tends to be overflowing with toppings. Secondly, my fish cake was almost like rubber. Having said that, the flavour was very good and spicy. I'll be back for more, but only 'cuz there isn't a lot of choice in Montreal....

                In Vancouver, there are Laksa "bars" where you can choose your noodle type, and 2 extra toppings(other than the bean sprouts, fried tofu, egg and fried onions that are standard) all for $7.50 which includes a drink! I know, you can't compare with a million Chinese there but the selection is really a must!

                Satay Brothers
                138 Avenue Atwater, Montreal, QC H3J 2Z6, CA