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Nov 29, 2010 06:35 PM

Meringue powder?

Does anyone know where you can buy meringue powder. I need to make "Royal icing" to make a homemade gingerbread house, but royal icing is traditionally made with raw egg whites and this means you can't eat the gingerbread house! Now what's the fun in that? Meringue powder apparently is a good alternative and allows you the pleasure of picking off all the candies and eating the gingerbread house!

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  1. While many people are afraid of eating raw eggs because of salmonella, personally I think you really needn't worry too much. The dangers of eating raw eggs are very small indeed especially if your eggs fresh and from a reliable source. However, if you're dead set on buying meringue powder, you may want to try Ares, who sell loads of cake decorating supplies, many of them Wilton products. I know that Wilton makes a meringue powder so there's a good chance Ares carries that too. Try one of their three locations:

    Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies
    2355-A Trans-Canada Highway
    (514) 695-5225

    Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies
    1501 Boulevard des Promenades
    (450) 926-2737

    Ares Kitchen and Baking Supplies
    Centre Laval
    1550 blvd. Le Corbusier local 501
    (450) 902-1030

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      Many thanks! I know the risk is low but I don't want to poison my godchildren....

      1. re: Mandarine

        The sugar in the royal icing will kill any bacteria in the eggwhite - sugar is a very powerful bactericide - which is why it has been used for centuries for making preserves. There is no danger of salmonella in royal icing.

        See for example.


      2. re: MonsieurMangetout

        I bought some at France decor (Vixit) last year.

        290, boulevard Henri-Bourassa Ouest
        Montreal, QC H3L 1N7
        (514) 337-0814

        1. re: MonsieurMangetout

          By the way, royal icing dries out very hard. If you are looking for something that younger children could eat, take a look at this discussion for alternative recipes:

        2. Most States has a Michaels Craft Store that sell Wilton products. Most large chain grocery store also have canned powdered egg whites. Meringue powder and egg whites are one in the same. Mix your 10x sugar and water and add the powdered whites. That's it . Not too thick and not too runny. Have fun. The eggs are pasteurized by the way!