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Nov 29, 2010 06:29 PM

Has anyone baked with paper loaf pans from Sur La Table?

I'd like to gift some friends with banana bread over the holidays and was wondering if anyone had any experience using the 8 X 3 paper pans that Sur La Table sells. Any feedback as to how they hold up in the oven and how it turned out would be great.

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    1. I've used these brown and gold paper loaf pans before for baking gift cakes and breads, and they work well. (I've never bought them from Sur la Table, but they are also sold in cake supply stores, by King Arthur Flour, etc.) Grease the pan as you would a normal baking pan, and set the pans on a baking sheet for stability while baking. I usually cut around the baked item if necessary, so the recipient can easily pop it out of the pan or cut in the pan if preferred.

      I've either popped the whole pan in a cellophane bag and closed with a metallic twist tie or ribbon, or wrapped in cellophane from a roll (covering first with plastic wrap) and tied with a ribbon.

      1. I have used the brown and gold ones. I don't remember where I got them -- probably King Arthur. It's been quite a while now, but I don't remember having any problems at all. I still have a few left and will definitely be using them without any reservations.

        1. Ditto, used 'em, they're just fine for thicker batters. I've even used them in professional kitchens for quickbreads/fruitcake for holiday baked goods to sell in the patisserie.

          Caitlin's point about setting them on a sheet pan for stability is right on. You might want to look around for other vendors than Sur La Table for a lower price; KAF is selling them at their website for holiday baking now.

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            Surprisingly, given how expensive it is, SLT's prices seem pretty competitive, at 50-75 cents each depending on size.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              I rarely check Sur's website, given their general prices, but with the holiday season approaching, their paper pans may be more competitively priced right now. I took a look at random vendors and prices; most sites are currently selling them for around 50-75 cents, depending on size and quantity. The quality all seems to be the same, the brown and gold look. I'm considering ordering some for future use.

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                Also, I got some paper pans after the holidays on sale from KAF last year.

                So that's a thought if you can use them later.

                1. re: karykat

                  Thanks, I may wait, wasn't planning on using them right away, but they're always good to have around.

                  1. re: bushwickgirl

                    Hopefully they'll do it again. They have had some fun shapes too: stars, hearts for Valentines Day. I made some neat heart cakes for my mom and sort of mother-in-law.

          2. They ( or something similar) have worked well for me.