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Nov 29, 2010 06:13 PM

Mo' Greens Roast House BBQ in Manalapan

Thought I'd give this place its own thread.

This is where "Just Good Food" used to be. Mo' Greens is owned by the same people who run "Mixed Greens" - which is a salad place in the same strip mall.

Ate there tonight with my daughter and in-laws.

I love good BBQ but it is hard to find in this area. This is not good.. it is GREAT. It far exceeded my expectations!

Father in law had 1/2 barbecued chicken. This is not your usual piece of chicken coated with gloppy sauce.. in fact, there was no sauce on it.. didn't need it.. it was dark from being smoked 13 hours, great flavor, tender and moist. Sauce could be added from containers on the table.. regular BBQ sauce (sweet), and a mustardy BBQ sauce. (All sauces are homemade).

MIL and daughter split Yuengling beer battered shrimp. My 20 month daughter loved the shrimp. She tends to be a picky eater like most kids her age but ate really well tonight.

I had a hard time making up my mind, but had the pulled pork platter. A generous mound of pulled pork.. crispy, yet tender. Served dry with no sauce. Came with 3 sides.. I had the confetti slaw. Usually I only like sweet cole slaw.. this was sweet enough, with a hint of vinegar. I also had crinkle cut sweet potato fries.. these were excellent as well.. crispy on the outside, but also moist on the inside. Loved the fried mac n cheese, too. Corn bread is dense, but in a good way. Lightly but not overly sweet.

I asked if they could sell me a rib so I could try them.. they gave me two - no charge! Again, served "dry" with no sauce. Tender, excellent flavor, large ribs with a pronounced smoky flavor. Washed it all down with sweet tea, brewed in house. Sweet tea was the only thing that needs work.. not quite sweet enough.

Dessert was 6 mini fried candy bars. Milky Way, I think. 6 about the size of ping pong balls, maybe a little smaller. Fantastic! They also have home baked pies, like pecan and cherry.

Forgot to mention, I also had an order of 6 wings ($5), with the mild smoky dry rub. Yes, these were great as well. I took a lot of food home. :)

They offer free local delivery and are open 7 days a week. No website yet, though they're working on one. They do have a Facebook page (Mo' Greens Roast House BBQ). They take cash and credit cards.

I am in no way affiliated with this restaurant, just a happy customer who will be returning really soon!

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  1. Nice review, Marlboro Man, we know you're legit! Where in Manalapan is this place to be found?

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    1. re: MichelleM131

      Thanks Marlboro Man, great report. Can't wait to get back home and give this place a good workout :)

      1. re: MichelleM131

        "Where in Manalapan is this place to be found?"

        "This is where "Just Good Food" used to be." (Don'tcha just hate "directions" like that?)

        Looks like it's on Rt. 9 North, that small strip mall with all the bus stop shelters in front of it, between the Spirits Unlimited liquor store and the Lukoil gas station & Wawa (based on the website of Mixed Greens which gives the address as 356 Rt. 9 North).

      2. Nice review- Can i assume this place is much better than that othr BBQ place on RT 9 in Marlboro which is pretty bad?

        1. 13 hours for a chicken is quite a lot of time. I have a hard time believe that.

          At least they're using wood.

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          1. re: tommy

            Maybe I'm getting the chicken confused with the ribs. I know SOMETHING was smoked 13 hours.

            After dinner, i was raving to a couple of people outside who were perusing a menu. One guy asked if it was anything like "that other BBQ place up the road?" I said I'd never eaten there, as the reviews were mixed and leaning towards poor. "That place is HORRIBLE," he replied.

            I talked with one of the owners quite a bit.. he said they checked out all the local "competition" before opening.(BBQ Steakout, Otis BBQ in Englishtown.. not sure if there's any others).

            The ribs I had last night blew away the ribs I had at Otis'. No comparison on the chicken, either.

            Roast House also has beef brisket on the menu, though they were out of it last night.

            Here's a run down of the menu: (Please keep in mind all prices include tax!)

            Sandwiches are called "Grips". All come with choice of 1 side. There are 9 choices.. some examples are:

            Thigh and Mighty - Boneless BBQ Chicken Thighs, Crunch Onions, Confetti Slaw on Soft roll - $9

            Pistol Whip - Grilled pastrami, Pickled Red Onion, Brown Mustard, Shmear of Russian Dressing on Onion Hero - $9

            Brisket King - Low and Slow Smoked Beef Brisket, Caramelized Onions on Hearthy White Bread - $10

            BBQ Pulled Pork - Carolina Style Dry Rubbed, Confetti slaw on soft roll - $9

            Shrimp Po' Boy - Beer battered shrimp, tomato, shredded lettuce, avocado, Bayou Dressing - $10

            Hot Plates

            Quantity of meat is the same.. small plates come with 1 side and corn bread, large plates come with 3 sides and corn bread. Examples:

            Pulled Pork BBQ - Long Smoked, Hand Pulled with choice of BBQ sauce $9, $12

            St. Louis Ribs - Dry Rubbed and Slow Smoked BBQ Goodness. 3 Ribs - $10, $14
            6 ribs - $15, $19

            Smoked Beef Brisket - The real deal, smoked for hours and hours - $10, $13

            BBQ 1/2 chicken - Marinated and smoked, grill kissed $10, $13

            Boneless BBQ Chicken Thighs - Dry Rubbed and grilled, lightly sauced, no bones about it. Delicious. $10, $13

            Buy The Pound

            Pulled Pork 1/2 lb. $6 1 lb. $11
            Ribs 1/2 slab $12, full slab $22
            Beef Brisket 1/2 lb. $10, 1 lb. $18
            BBQ Chicken 1/2 bird $7, full bird $13

            Sides - Small order $3, large order $5

            Mashed potatoes
            Steak Fries
            Golden Rice
            Potato Salad
            Confetti Slaw
            Baked Beans
            Buttered Noodles
            Fried Pickles
            Braised Red Cabbage
            House Garden Salad
            Seasonal Vegetables
            Fried Mac & Cheese
            Sweet Potato Fries
            House Made Potato Chips


            Home Baked Chocolate Bread Pudding - $5
            Fried Mini Candy Bars 6 for $3
            Assorted Home Baked Pies - $3
            Chocolate Chunk Cookies - 3 for $2

            They also have daily specials that are not on the printed menu. Last night I saw they had steak chili.


            1. re: MarlboroMan

              Yeah, the only things on that menu that would take 13 hours are the pulled pork and the brisket. Looks good though. I like they they are serving fried mac & cheese. Frying it gives it a much better chance of being interesting. Too many of these places serve watery Velveeta-tasting mac & cheese.

              1. re: tommy

                My wife was a little upset that I went without her, as she had been wanting to try it, too.. so, guess where I had lunch today? :)

                I was going to get the chicken thigh sandwich, but the counter guy talked me into the burger. Said it was the best burger, really juicy, etc.

                It lived up to his hype. Cooked medium rare, the burger was oozing juice. Great taste, very moist.. came on a nice roll that had some character. I opted for cheddar cheese and crispy bacon (bacon is not one of the options, but they happened to have it on hand). Lettuce and tomato finished it off.

                Wife had the beef brisket. The last time I had brisket (at Jersey Shore BBQ), I thought it was good. I was wrong, then. This stuff blew it away. Tender, moist, smokey.. with just enough fat (but never any gristle). Freaking fantastic.

                Sweet tea was much better today. Also, I had the braised red cabbage as a side. LOVED it.. kinda hard to describe, though. Daughter ate really well again. Wife said "new favorite restaurant."

                OK, someone else's turn now. :)

                Jersey Shore BBQ
                811 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

          2. Have to agree with MarlboroMan. This is a welcome addition to the area. I had the brisket sandwich with some fried macaroni and cheese (sorry, couldn't help myself....). The brisket was perfectly balanced ; not dripping in sauce, but tender, smoked and just fantastic. My only issue was the bread was thin and may not have been the best vehicle for the brisket as it did get soggy and hard to eat. That all aside, the flavor was out of this world good.

            1. I tried this place yesterday and thought it was great. I wish the service and ambiance were better but the bbq is worth it. I'm a carnivore and I'm usually disappointed with bbq places due to heavy sugary gloppy sauces. I ordered take out by the pound- ribs, brisket and pulled pork. I ate the ribs and brisket as is and dipped the pulled pork in a little side of bbq sauce because it was a bit dry. The flavor and texture of the meat was wonderful....I'll definitely go back. I try to stay on a low carb-ish diet so no deep fried mac and cheese or candy bars for me which required a painful amount of self control.