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Nov 29, 2010 05:12 PM

I need pig's blood for Boudin

Hi there,
I would like to make PDC's Boudin Maison but I need to find some pig's blood. Preferably organic. My farmer does not have any. Does anyone know where I can find some?
Thanks guys, Oana

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  1. Have you tried asking at any of the butchers in Jean Talon, such as les Fermes Saint Vincent or Porcmeilleur? (Note: the former is organic the latter is not.)

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    1. re: MonsieurMangetout

      The former is certified organic, the latter is not, though it does claim to be very close to certifiable organic, just unwilling to put up with the hassle and expense of certification.

      1. re: carswell

        Thanks guys, good idea, that is what I will do this week. I have a feeling though it might be a little more difficult than I anticipated... but fun :). Thank you again for the advice, much appreciated.

    2. Abbatoir Clement Poissant off the 15 near St. Phillippe might help you out.
      has their number and a map to boot.
      I don't know if they regularly keep the blood from slaughter, but I do see customers collecting it themselves.
      Don't think their pigs are necessarily organic.

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      1. re: porker

        Hi, Okay, thanks for this porker (had to say it :)). For this particular recipe, considering what industrialized pigs are fed I think I will do my best to find organic or well raised because blood is pretty intimate :).
        I really was not anticipating this level of difficulty to find blood. I mean you do see Boudin around you know ...
        Cheers, Oana

        1. re: oana

          I don't know if they would necessarily be classed "industrial". As far as abbatoirs go, its a pretty small operation. Where they get their pigs, I don't know - it might very well be from a mega producer, but again, it might be from smaller, local farmers.
          The place just came to mind as I rubbed elbows with an elderly Portuguese woman who was collecting blood specifically for sausage. Afterward (we looked like extras from the Texas Cahinsaw Massacre...hehe) I asked her for the recipe which she gladly shared.

          1. re: porker

            Still no luck, I might have to make my way there next week. Lol :), I can just picture it :).

            1. re: oana

              Maybe give them a call first, see if they can help, rather than possibly make the trip for nothing.

              1. re: porker

                I got it!!! :):)
                Wednesday is the night for Boudin ...
                Wish me luck :)

                1. re: oana

                  OK, but don't kill us with the suspense, wheredja get it?
                  Also let us know how it comes out.

                  1. re: porker

                    Lol :) A certain Chef :) I will let you know as soon as I get the okay today.
                    Will do! :)

                    1. re: oana

                      It was awesome!!! :) Beautiful! :) Glorious! :) And messy :). I will post all recipes, photos and the full story this weekend. What a great recipe. PDC's Boudin Maison. So good and very unusual (for me).

                      I served Turkey hearts, Beef livers, Turkey livers and of course, Boudin :).
                      And who rescued me in the end ... none other than the man himself ... Mr. Generous Picard. It would not have happened without him.

                      Happy holidays to all, whatever it is that you celebrate! :)

                      1. re: oana

                        Here it is guys! :) For whoever is interested... The title is:

                        I heard angels sing ...


                        I would love to know what you think ...

                        Happy new year to those who's new year it is and happy eating,

                        1. re: oana

                          One of the Boudin photos ...

                          1. re: oana

                            Bravo! What a meal you have prepared! I don't think I would've had the "guts" to do it

                            1. re: waziboy

                              Thank you! LOL :) Sure you would :)
                              Happy eating, Oana

                            2. re: oana

                              Happy it turned out! Nice blog, professional looking pictures.
                              Perhaps on a blustery February night you can make head cheese? Easier getting a pig's head than blood!

                              1. re: porker

                                Thank you :) you an me both! :) Thank you so much, it is my second passion :) I love taking photos :) love! :) I hope to be able to apply the writing and the photos to something one day :).

                                You know, that is a wonderful idea :). I am not sure I can muster the courage though. Blood is one thing ... a head ... a little more intense ...Have you ever made it?

                                Yeah ... how does that work?! :)

                                1. re: oana

                                  Yeah, I used a half head, simmer once, discard water. Add fresh water and seasonings, simmer plenty long.
                                  The idea is to boil out all the collagen you can. Afterward, pick out whatever meat from wherever you can (bits of snout, skin, ear, all fair game). Place these bits in a container and top with pot liquor (I also added some vinegar to the pot for flavor). Let cool, put in fridge.
                                  It sets up like gelatina and can be sliced, enjoyed with wine.
                                  You can do the same with feet (or hock), which has much more collagen to begin with, and maybe less heebeejeebee factor {;-/)

                                  1. re: porker

                                    Okay, snout, skin, ear ...might need reinforcements ... might you be interested in a collaboration on this dish? :)

                                    1. re: oana

                                      Sounds good - while the head is simmering, we can make pickled pork tongue or cottechino (Italian sausage featuring pig skin) or some such!

                                      1. re: porker

                                        Believe it or not, that sounds like heaven! :) lol :)
                                        There is no contact info on your profile that I can see so if you can send me your contact info at we can get this show on the road :)!
                                        So excited! :)

                              2. re: oana

                                I'm so impressed! great blog entry too :)

                                1. re: TheSnowpea

                                  Thank you! :) and thank you :) If you ever have any ideas of what you would like to see made that people "don't make" anymore or any other recipe that you would like to see attempted, let me know :)

          2. Go to Slovenia 3653 St-Laurent. They sell 1L bottles frozen

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            1. re: tohtem

              Fantastic thank you tohtem. Now I can make it agan and invite the ones who missed it. Super.

            2. Hi Oana, coould you tell me please, where did you buy the blood pig in montreal?


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