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Nov 29, 2010 03:36 PM

Dinner recs close to Place des Arts

This request comes from Ontario. The hubby and I are taking the McGill daughter and roomies to The Nutcracker. Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. Should we eat before or are there good places in the vicinity for dinner afterwards? My preference would be for something bistro. If we eat afterwards, where should we go for drinks first? We won't have a car for this visit, so public transit will have to work. Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

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  1. Yikes- forgot to mention that it is at Place des Arts!

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      Two 'nouveau comfort-style' bistro/bars recently opened right around the area in the mid-price range; the offspring of firmly established and favored forebearing Montreal fine-dining restaurants, Fereira (Portugese) and Toque (French). They are: "F BAR" and "BRASSERIE T".

      An online menu for the latter can be found here:

      Both right next door, a hop and a skip away so you could decide whether to eat pre or post show depending on how you feel. And both cocktail/drink friendly too. They are across from one another so maybe walk by each and browse the menus to decide which you'd all prefer.

    2. the few obvious choices near the PdA are Brasserie T and Bistro F; the other one is the Bistro Balmoral; or on the east side (which is is under construction) is the Café du Nouveau Monde at the Theatre du Nouveau Monde.

      All would need reservation for after show dinner.

      You could also take the bus (80) up to Laurier St. (10 minutes ride +/- the wait time, not that much) for the 22h special @ Lemeac; or something more "funky" like Kaza Maza (syrian, not bistro) on Parc Ave.


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        if weather lousy you can have drinks at T or F or also at restaurant inside place des arts which is convenient, they have a bar, they also have a late night deal the rappel menu 20$ at 10pm (many montreal restaurants have these late night prices)
        just click on dinner menu, or the late night rappel menu for the 20$ deal
        there is also the cafe du nouveau monde just across street from place des arts, couldnt find menu in english, so you have lots of choice right in vicinity of theatre and with weather and time limits i would tend to choose one of these nearby restaurants.

        both of these restaurants are open til around midnight saturday but closed on sundays

      2. Or you can be unoriginal and just head over across the street to Bâton Rouge ;)

        1. NYKS Bistro Pub is a block up St. Catherine from F Bar. Real cozy, real food.
          BTW, I saw the Nutcracker last year with the wife. Maybe suggest to hubby to have drinks (plenty) BEFORE the show...OK OK I'm not into ballet...hehe
          (Actually, I told her for us to have a good time at the Nutcracker, I'd wait for her at NYKS until the show is over - everyones happy!)

          1. I recommend Cafe du Theatre du Nouveau Monde on Ste-Catherine corner St-Urbain. Food and service are very good.

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              I see there are some giant snowballs with colored lights filling up the open spaces beside T and F so there will now be something to look at....but it seems you have to pedal on bixi bikes to get the colours to change!