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Nov 29, 2010 01:44 PM

Buying Foie Gras in Paris

I'm looking for a few suggestions for a good place to buy a raw lobe of foie gras in Paris.

Much thanks!!

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  1. Dubernet probably has whole lobes:

    And practically any good butcher would have it or get it for you. Also there are various seasonal markets at the moment (there's one on december 3,4,5 I think near metro st.paul) that have stuff like that.

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      One more thing - you can mail order from Arnabar - shipping is 13 Euros but first time shoppers get 10 Euros off. Hands down the best foie I've ever eaten.

    2. Carrefours near Bercy has them if you have a car. They are quite good and inexpensive, just check for freshness.

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        I wont have a car. I'm staying in Montmartre. Anything close?

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          A couple of regional markets will be held in Paris in December. You find excellent farm-fresh foie gras in those.

      2. Robert et Rene, 13 rue du Faubourg du Temple, near republique, around 35 euros a kilo. Picard also sell raw lobes frozen.

        1. Last week at Carrefour City on Ave General Leclerc they had raw foie gras of duck for 22 a kilo, but ran out. In the past I always headed to Rue Montmartre near Les Halles, where they have several foie gras boutiques. I have bought from Foie Gras Luxe at number 24, but there is also Labeyrie at number 6, and at number 34, Comtoire de la Gastronomie . Auchan in Ville Juif, (line 7) should also have them by this time at a better price. Have fun shopping!

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            Kremlin-Bicêtre, not Villejuif (look up "Okabé").