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Nov 29, 2010 01:31 PM

Paris in April, please help

We're planning our first visit to Paris in April, and would love some advice on our restaurant picks so far. We'll be staying in the 8th Arr., but are happy to travel. We arrive very early morning on a Wednesday, so are thinking:

Wednesday jet lagged lunch: ??
Wednesday jet lagged dinner: A la Biche Au Bois ?? Is there anything in the 8th that would be pretty casual but also offer good food. One, ok actually two of us, would love to have some tartare & frites while in Paris.

Thursday lunch: Le Reminet
Thursday dinner: La Regalade St. Honore

Friday lunch: Le Pre Verre
Friday dinner: Frenchie

Is there any chance that we will be able to snag a reservation for 4 people on Friday for Frenchie? It sounds like we have to walk by to make a reservation. Same for LRSH. I am assuming that we should also make lunch reservations, but would love some guidance.

Thank you so much for all of the help that you have already been!!!!!

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  1. IMVHO feel ALBAB has very, very heavy food and would fear if jetlagged might do a header into my coq au vin and drown. Quincy is a block or so further along Rue Ledru-Rollin and while similar cuisine, feel a lot lighter. Would do for lunch and maybe an indoor picnic for dinner so you are home when you fall over. l have always touted the tartare and frites at Chez Denise and that is the spot for my jetlagged lunch on arrival.

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      Thank you for the advice! Chez Denise sounds great, can you give me an idea about the price point? This has been on my list - as has Josephine, but I'm concerned that it might be a bit more than my friends want to spend. Also, hard to give up the frites.

      Quincy looks great, can you give me a rough idea about cost?

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        Chez D split entree, 2 plats, split dessert, bottle of house brouilly, @ 95 euros, Quincy maybe 20 euros more.

    2. For a jet lagged lunch, I'd take a walk and catch some soup and bread, maybe a salad, and a glass of red wine. For supper I'd head off to Au Deiner Metro, where there is most always room and lots of light and noise to wake you up and help you recognize that you are in Paris! It's my favorite wake up place. Ive been to Biche Au Bois and enjoyed it, but can't say that I'm fond of game.

      LRSH is getting some mixed reviews on this board and the blogging board.

      Reservations at Frenchies aren't impossible, just difficult. Lots to say on that score around these parts, too.

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        Thank you hychka. Au Dernier Metro looks like a great choice for dinner, probably a much better idea than Biche Au Bois.

        It is so funny researching restaurants, there are always mixed reviews. LRSH just seems like it might be worth giving a shot, but I surely am open to suggestions.