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Nov 29, 2010 11:14 AM

Where do you buy your spices?

Where do you buy your spices? Are you partial to any brand in particular?

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  1. I buy most of my dried herbs and spices a local "World Market" in small cello bags. When I get them home I store them in air tight containers. That way I use them up before they lose their potency and I get a good deal (the prices on cello bag packages are sometimes 1/3 of what a comparable amount of a major brand of herb/spice would be in the market) so it's a win/win all the way around.
    If I can't find what I need at "World Market" I simply buy the cello packs from my regular market (they're sometimes hard to find because they don't stock them in the same place as the major brands).

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      +1 for World Market small packets...though I still do buy a few Badia packets, like their whole black peppercorns for 64 cents (1 ounce packet I think?)...I used to love Badia chili powder until they changed the recipe and now salt is the #2 ingredient, such bull-honkey!...switched to the World Market chili packet after that. If I can't find what I need at World Market, like whole green cardamom, I buy it at our Asian food store.

    2. I'm a big fan of Penzey's, as you can see ; )

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        Wow!! A beautiful selection. Those quantities would go to waste in my kitchen however. I just couldn't use that much in a year's time so I'd end up tossing it out and replacing it at huge expense after a year.

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          I live near a patel brothers the spces move also fresh fresh ginger

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            Thank you. Yes, I love to cook, especially all different cuisines and culture so they get used up pretty fast (well, except for the dill weed, can't remember why I bought that). We also eat out less often now that we've moved from dowtown Boston to Phoenix and have family stay over every weekend. I didn't even take a picture of the larger jars/bags of Penzey's spices I use most often stored in the pantry. ; )

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            We've been using only Penzeys spices for 20+ years now. Years ago one of their stores was about 20 minutes away. We've moved & now order online a few times a year. We freeze what's not immediately needed.


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              Definitely Penzeys. Some people have a spice rack, I have a spice cabinet, and at least 80% is Penzeys. Luckily (or maybe sadly) I live within easy driving distance of the store. I don't think I'd buy so much if I couldn't open and smell the sample jars next to each variety and snag the recipe cards they display around the store.

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                My spice cabinet is slowly migrating to 80% Penzeys, with a few things from ethnic markets thrown in.

                Love the small containers, as this means the spices get refreshed frequently...Penzeys store 3 miles away!

            2. I am lucky enough to live within 10 miles of a Penzey's store, so now I buy everything there, unless it's an emergency (as in, I needed sage last week for my stuffing and was almost completely out so had to go to the local supermarket). I went to Penzey's twice this past weekend--yes twice, as I didn't realize I was out of something after I got home the first time. Rather than hit the supermarket (overpriced, quality not as great, can't buy bulk packages) I made a detour from another shopping trip in the area and went back.

              1. Usually in an Indian or Middle Eastern grocery that goes through them quickly.

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                  I buy all my spices in bulk at my local co-op in very small quantities. The herbs we don't grow I also buy there, but try to grow most herbs we need.

                2. Usually at the supermarket. For hard to find items, from the relevent ethnic shop.