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jam as thickener?

sanglier Nov 29, 2010 11:07 AM

Maybe I'm crazy, but I would have sworn that I've seen cooking shows where the gravy is thickened by the addition of a little jam toward the end, sorta like swirling in pats of butter. I cooked a venison roast and have some killer loganberry jam from Oregon that seems as though it'd work. Yet when I google this subject I get nada! Am I dreaming?

  1. coll Nov 29, 2010 11:11 AM

    I use jam and some kind of liquor to make a sauce for roasts, especially for duck or venison. I also use the bottom of the jar of various leftover jams, like orange marmalade, to thicken soup and add flavor. I'd rather have jam added to something, rather than more butter, not that I have anything against butter. Go for it!

    1. m
      magiesmom Nov 29, 2010 01:09 PM

      I have a pot roast recipe that uses grape jam as a thickener and it is goood!

      1. z
        zamorski Nov 29, 2010 02:18 PM

        I have added jam and marmalade to pan sauces for meat, and though I like the taste I can't say that it seems to have done much to thicken it, at least not in the concentration I used. I think the issue is that although jam is thick at room temperature, at "sauce temperature" it is pretty liquidy. I suppose that if you used a lot of it, that might work, but I suspect that the end result would be too cloying.

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