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Nov 29, 2010 10:47 AM

Any One Eaten at the US Coast Guard Base in San Pedro?

No joke. Great story (which I put up a link to over on Food Media & News) in today's LA Times about a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) trained chef and his story:

This sounds like the deal of the week. $4 for lunch and a great story to dine out on with your friends.

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  1. I just read about that too. Sounds great, but San Pedro is not on my regular route to anywhere (usually). I'd love to hear from those who have tried it also.

      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        Though Looking into it you might Need A TWIC and/or Military ID to get to it so It might be hard to get a reservation.

        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          You do not need a military ID. A buddy works in Long Beach and he was able to eat there. They are opened to the public, but you are subjected to a search.

          1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

            I wondered about that too, but first of all I strongly doubt that the LA Times would publish this story if that were the case. And, even if that were true (that you needed to have a certain type of ID to eat here) then the story would have made that clear.

            I note the following from the story "Lately, though, business has started to pick up as word of the galley's $4-a-plate feasts has spread to city workers in Long Beach and San Pedro."

            All of which leads me to believe that anyone is welcome for lunch here. I hope you do go and try it and report back (which I know you would do), Matt.

        2. So, Professor Salt and I made the trek to the end of Terminal Island to go to the Galley. I had called first to see if it was possible to get on the base for lunch and they said "sure we have civilians here"

          But when we got to the entrance of the base we were politely declined entrance since we did not have a Military ID, a TWIC card or an appointment with someone. The guard said since the LA Times article appeared, he's had to deny entry to 60 people who have come to eat at the Galley.

          We ended up at Pavich's Pizza instead.

          Ces't La Vie.

          Take care

          - P.

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            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              Interesting; I wonder if that was something that had been "policy" all along and they decided they'd better enforce it, just because of the Times article. Thanks for taking the hit for us, P. (and PS as well).

              Of course there's always the possibility that the Times reporter got the story wrong, as has happened before. I had a boring but overpriced burger at Taylor's in La CaƱada following the story about an excellent, bargain-priced one there. "But the story said they're cheaper at lunch!" to which the manager replied, "They're available only at lunch!", thus doubling the reporter's offenses.

              1. re: Will Owen

                It might have been policy all along, but the guard made it clear that he has to turn back a tide of civilians every day who learned about it from the Times story. So if the policy wasn't enforced at one point, it is now.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  First and foremost it was good story that needed to be told. I was a bit jealous that Dommy hadn't found it for her gig. Second the reporter was vague on specifics, no address, no phone number etc.. Plus the customers were all described as workers from the area, who now a days to work on Terminal Island you need a TWIC card. So I'm not surprised at how it turns out . I do wish the chef well and hopes he gets the gig he wants, teaching the up and coming USCG galley staffs how to cook.

                  1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                    and i believe it wasn't a restaurant review in the food section, but rather a human interest, slice of life deal in the column one section of the paper. hence, no address, number, prices, etc.

                    1. re: kevin

                      It had the price. $4 for lunch.

                      1. re: Servorg

                        I think Kevin is right, the story was more of a human interest story, than an actual restaurant review. I think the prices were mentioned because

                        I went with a buddy who has a military ID, the guard asked my name and we walked in.

                        1. re: reality check

                          now more importantly with the Iding and everything was the food wortghh the trek?