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Nov 29, 2010 10:15 AM

Staying in hotel near Lambert airport .

Any places to eat within walking distance of the Crown Plaza hotel in airport area of St. louis??

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  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in a word, no. What's your next option?

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    1. re: lemons

      Not even a cafe for espresso?? Options: public transportation?

      1. re: kannbrook

        The shopping center a quarter of a mile away has run its course and now has a lot, lot of empty storefronts. Catty-cornered across I-70 from you is India Palace, at the top of that motel which has changed names. The food is good, and at night, the airport view is not unpleasant. This is serious suburbia, you understand. Also nearer the airport, by the Drury Inn, is Lombardo's another old-line family-owned Italian restaurant. More upscale than Massa's. But hoofing it to any of these spots would be hard-timpossible. The cab ride would be quite short, though, and compared to many larger cities, the price for cabs is less. Still, I'd chat w/ the hotel folks. The link for Massa's below doesn't take you to the right address; he's speaking of the one on Lindbergh Boulevard. My personal preference between the two Italians is Lombardo's but YMMV.

    2. The area is not really handy to walk in with the highways crisscrossing and all but I bet the hotel would take you somewhere on the shuttle. If you know how far they will go, you might get some better suggestions. One place close is Massa's. It is very old school Italian. They do allow smoking I think so that can be a deal breaker. It does always seem to be packed. I

      1. Yeah, like the other posters said, not much out there by the airport. However, if you could get a shuttle back to the airport you could hop on the Metrolink and take that to the Delmar stop. That's a short walk from dozens of restaurants on Delmar Avenue. Sadly it's terrible weather tonight, so that might not be the best option.

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          Thanks for the info - so there is no hope for a cup of espresso in the am....

          1. re: kannbrook

            There maybe something at the hotel. I think they have breakfast there.

        2. There's a TGI Friday's next door to your hotel and an IHOP on the other side of the shopping center next door.

          TGI Friday's @ 11228 Lone Eagle Drive, Bridgeton, MO 314 - 344 - 8575.