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Nov 29, 2010 10:06 AM

Staub cookware at HomeSense

Found at HomeSense in Queensway in Etobicoke this weekend ... 9qt. Staub cocotte for $249. Graphite grey colour. Perfect condition. The same sells at Williams-Sonoma for $390.

Has anyone else found similar deals at HomeSense stores in GTA?

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  1. Saw a couple of 1/2 quart cocottes for $39 to $69 at the Yonge and Queen Homesense.

    1. Homesense has a lot of good deals, but be careful because some of the cast iron cookware that seem like a bargain are actually factory rejects because of some sort of imperfection. Ie, the Le Creuset cookware sold in Winners and Homesense are actually "Second Choice", but youd be hard pressed to actually notice the difference, sometimes its just a slightly ill fitting lid or some sort of dent on the enamel.

      1. I am collecting Staub in green but at those prices I would consisder red or blue but don't like the graphite colour.
        I was at the Queen & Yonge St. store this afternoon and only saw about 10 of the 1/2 quart cocottes (#12 in round in #15 in oval) for $39 to $69. All in black only.
        There were about 6 yellow #26 Le Creuset round Dutch Ovens: 5 1/2 quarts for $169 and one red #30 wide round red 6 1/2 quart pot for $199. It did not see a red "irregular" sticker on the #30 red pot. There was also one #30 yellow 3 1/2 quart braiser for $169.