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Nov 29, 2010 09:54 AM

La Jolla area steakhouse

I'll be in La Jolla for New Year's Eve to celebrate my fiancee's b-day. He loves a great steak, and I would love some help from people who know of a fun and nice place that offers a great dining experience. Thanks a ton!

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  1. Donovan's, IMO, is a great place for a USDA Prime steak in LJ. Unlike most chophouses, they include a veg and starch with their entree's.

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      Second for Donovan's. They also have great Alaskan King Crab if steak is not your thing. Call ahead and tell them it's a special occasion.

      1. re: araknd

        Donovan's is by far your best choice. In that same area, there is one of those "cook your own steak" called the La Jolla Strip Club (strangely, I've yet to seen it reviewed here), and a Flemings (I always had good luck there, but it has been a while since I last visited).

        I find your situation sort of familiar, as I once took my wife (then my fiance) to Donovan's on December 31, to celebrate her birthday. They did have sort of a special, paired-down menu that night for New Year's, but we were happy with what we got. You might want to make reservations early - they were full that night.

        1. re: RB Hound

          Another vote for Donovan's and 2nd place Fleming's

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            4th Donovan's and if you can't get in, then Fleming's. Donovan's has a really good creamed spinach and sauteed mushrooms.

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              +1 on the sauteed mushrooms @Donovan's. in fact, those - and the creme brulee - are what i recall as the highlights of my one meal there.

    2. I'd consider Trulucks over Donovans. I like Donovans, especially as it's locally owned, but think Trulucks was a better experience.

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        Most of the spots recommended here are on the east side of La Jolla, often referred to as UTC, if you are staying at the coast you will have to consider other options unless you want to cab or drive on new years (read nightmare). You can get a good steak at Manhattans (Oscar), other good non-steak focused places are Whisk and Ladle and Nine-Ten (both usually have a nice hanger or flank) or go Frenchy at Tapenade with the steak frittes. Enjoy your visit.

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          I've never been, but have always been curious about Azul which touts itself as a steak house. Anyone been?

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            Steve you bring out a good point, take a cab, don't drive it's safer.

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              That's a good point, stevuchan, but my experience is that more often than not when one says they are "staying in La Jolla", they are in the UTC area hotels.

              Trulucks is next door to Flemings, FWIW. Of course, on New Year's Eve both Trulucks and Flemings could be a nightmare, as the Hyatt does that big New Year's Eve bash (with their Time Square falling ball).

          2. You have all been incredibly helpful--I think we'll give Donovan's a whirl!

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              When you make your reservation, request to be seated in 'lovers lane'. Nice high back rounded booths with soft lighting, they book up really fast.