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Nov 29, 2010 09:26 AM

SF hounds thank all you New Yawkers!

We are frequent travellers to NYC going every year for at least a week. I wish to thank folks on this board for all their help and give some responses to places we did eat:
Evening 1: we arrived @ JFK and barely made it to our apartment then on to Lupa in time for our 10 pm reservations. We had the proscuitto platter which was some of the best proscuitto I have ever eatern. We went on to have pasta dishes which were carbonara and I think Amatriciana. We tasted the mussel pasta from the table next to us and vowed then and there to return for same before we left NYC. We did.

Day 2: Jet lagged we opted for Co(we were staying near the High Line). The pizza was good but the butternut squash salad was dynamite. We had hit COok Shop for a late breakfast and were way underwhelmed. Something was way off with the service and our soft boiled eggs took about 20 minutes and were still quite underdone. I don't think we will hurry back.

Day 3: Lunch @ Jean Georges which was lovely. The coach farms cheese gnocchi was out of this world. We also had the beef tenderloin which was delicious. Lunch is a value here if you stick with the $32 for two courses but somehow with cocktails and wine( glasses) and one dessert we spent $150.

Day 4 : Our anniversary dinner @ recette. I cannot rave enough about this place nor will I forget the seared scallops with a shellfish emulsion. Service was attentive without being overpowering. I did not mind the close tables although I understand some folk's objection to that.

Day 5: a day trip to Governor's Island then home for take out from La ZIe.

Day 6: we poked around the Village and ended up at The Spotted Pig. That burger is delicious.

Day 7: Soho and Nola shopping with a slice @ Ray's followed by dinner @ ABC Kitchen. We were meeting relatives who had suggested this place. If one goes definitely get the Delicata Squash appetizer.

Day 8: Brooklyn a full day of it followed by dinner @ Al di la(see other board if I get there)

Last pm: back to Lupa!

We absolutely would re-visit recette and Lupa. I'll save my RAVES for Al di La on the outer boroughs board.

We had planned on Pearl and Keste this trip but never made it to either place. Le GIgot looks quite good and I think we'll plan on visiting that next Fall.

Thank you again for all your help.

170 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

Jean Georges
1 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023

Spotted Pig
314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

ABC Kitchen
35 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Ain't New Yawkers da best!!!

    1. Isn't runny soft boiled eggs all the rage with chefs these days? Just saying maybe it was meant to be undercooked?

      1. I'm glad you had such a good visit! Three questions: What did you think of your takeout from Le Zie, what was it, and which Ray's did you patronize?

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        1. re: Pan

          We had the meatballs which had been billed as great..we found them "meh". I cannot remember the address of the Ray's except to say it was in Soho. I was more taken by the fact we were in the "original" Ray's than by the actual slice. Mushroom was a mistake but a plain cheese slice should be just fine. So far...John's on Bleeker still can compete. We did go to Grimaldi's ages ago and have yet to make it to either Fanny's or Di Fara.

          Now about those runny soft boiled eggs..I like a runny yolk but gelatinous whites is where I hold back.

          47 W 20th St, New York, NY 10010

          1. re: roxie

            I was underwhelmed when I went to Le Zie, so you're not alone. It has fans who repeatedly recommend it, though.

            Ray's in Soho would presumably be at Prince near Elizabeth St. (actually in "NoLiTa"). I always thought that the "original" (Famous) Original Ray's was in the Village on 6th Av. (12th St., as I recall), not that I really care much (it's been many years since I've patronized any of the Ray's pizzerias).

            We have similar tastes in soft boiled eggs.

            1. re: roxie

              FYI: There are many "Original" "Famous" "One and only" "Authentic" Ray's pizza joints in Manhattan. Each time I see another one I take a pic. I love the vibe they put out.

              Back in the day Ray's gig was that they slathered a huge amount of cheese on their pizza. It was extra cheese on steroids. Lots of folks loved it and they prospered and were copied.

              The "slab o' cheese" slices are not my personal favorite but my ex bro in law Mike loves it.

              1. re: roxie

                Which Ray's is the "original" has been a matter of dispute for decades. Here's an old article that tells some of the story: