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Nov 29, 2010 09:09 AM

Foodie Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

I'm planning a honeymoon for November of next year and am trying to combine our love of food and the tropics. Does anyone have any ideas for resorts or islands with great food? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. I'm not sure what you have under your belt already travel wise, but a nice little island hop around southern Thailand would definitely give you your tropics and more good food than you could ever dream of, often for a very good price.

    1. Its a mountain destination, but Petropolis 68 km from Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful honeymoon destination, has a rich culinary heritage (in the city and on routes leading out of it to Minas), and November happens to be when they usually do a culinary festival. Given the proximity to Rio you don't have to give up the beach. That said it can rain a lot in that area in November and despite being the off season, there really doesn't have an off season -- pousadas there are quite expensive. Also for those looking to experience a wide variety of Brazilian food, that area offers a lot of international food: French, Portuguese, Italian ... as well as some Arabic influenced cusines and obviously the food from Minas Gerais. Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande (reached by boat from Angra) are other great honeymoon destinations and Angra (where a lot of Brazilian TV stars summer) has fine restaurants. Fortaleza in the Northeast can be reached by international flights and would be a lot more informal, but is a prime destination for europeans and there are many dining options there as well as areas (dunas, remote beaches) where you can make day trips. Florianopolis in the South for more of a party destination as well as Porto Seguro in Bahia although still offseason for both (if you want food and beach-based nightlife). Natal in the Northeast is another great option close to the equator and you could combine it with a once of a lifetime visit to Fernanda de Noronha (like Ilha Grande not a culinary destination). There still is the risk of southern winds and rain in some of these destinations in November, but you are between seasons in both hemispheres, so Natal, Fortaleza (windy), Rio probably give you the most days of sun in that timeframe.

      1. Depends on what you're looking for, food-wise?

        1. Martinique is a possibility - great French-Caribbean food, amazing rums (including ones aged like fine cognac that are impossible to find in the States). Warm water, good snorkeling. I've been there in November and it was delightful. We rented a villa with spectacular views over the water.

          It helps if you speak at least a bit of French, though it's not absolutely necessary.