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Sushi Kitchen info? (Quarry Park Calgary)

Just wondering if anyone has any info on Sushi Kitchen which is opening up in Quarry Park in the same complex as Co-Op, Mucho burrito, Wok Box, etc..

The name doesn't leave me holding much hope but how nice would it be to have a decent Sushi place in the SE...

Is this a chain, or any does anyone have any other info?

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  1. If it's a chain they've done a good job of hiding from Google. Don't be worried by the name- some great sushi places have uninspiring names (Sushi & Co and Sushi Club are two of the very best spots in town, remember, and those are about as uncreative as you can get, name-wise).

    1. If you Google "sushi quarry park", a couple of links (with no info) for "Sushi Town".
      Address is 163 Quarry Park BV SE so probably the same place as the OP is querying.
      If you Google "Sushi Town", you get a bunch of review links for a number of places in and round Vancouver.
      Not enough info to determine if they are related (or even the same).

      1. Sorry, looks like I had the name wrong. Looked again today and the signage reads Sushi Kitchan (not Kitchen). Googling doesn't find much other than job postings for a chef..

        1. There is a pretty good sushi resto in SE called Ichizen. Run by japanese. It is in the same mall as the keg on 130 Ave SE. I recommend it.

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            Second Ichizen, very pleasantly surprised at the quality for being in the burbs.

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              I also second Ichizen. I eat there often as well as take out regularly. Sushi is always great. Given the review below of the joint in Quarry Park, Ichizen may be worth the extra 2 minutes down Deerfoot.

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                I'll add a 3rd to Ichizen. Very good sushi, friendly staff, never had a sour experience.

                Also, there is a new sushi place in Cranston opened called Ajisai. Been there one time only as it's only been opened for a couple weeks max, but the sushi was good and fresh, and the rolls were also good (and in some cases felt a little more creative than usual).

            2. Just tried Sushi Kitchan in Quarry Park today and had a horrific experience. Crappy timing, tempura sent back because it was undercooked and slimy, gyoza's that tasted weird, and rolls the size of a small car that completely fell apart.

              We won't go back - truly a bad bad dining experience. 45 minutes for slimy tempura, kitchen chaos, disintegrating rolls, poor service and no sense of wanting the diner to enjoy it. I hope this place makes it, but if this is happening to others diners (and by the looks of others - it is), this place will be lucky to last 6 months. They really should close down for a few days, get their act together, do a soft opening for friends and family, get their kitchen working and try again. Severely disappointed and ripped off and will be warning others.

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                Seconded. Dinner the other night was foul (ie grocery store sushi looks and tastes better) and poor value given alternate options. The portions were meagre which, compounded with the grumpiness of the owner, left a lousy taste in my mouth. Actually, that was probably the fish. I've heard others with similar experiences. Sushi Kitchan will have a short lifespan if they don't get their act together.

              2. I had dinner there the other night: assorted sashimi and some rolls. The fish was fine, nothing fancy, the rolls were simple but well-made. The dynamite roll was especially good, with a tempura shrimp and an asparagus spear and some lettuce - not a combination that you see often in Calgary, and according to the owner, this was how the dynamite roll was first created in Toronto.

                Apparently the owner has taken over the kitchen personally and replaced the chef that he originally hired. The owner used to run a sushi place downtown (I think he said it was called Sushi Cafe) and before that a sushi restaurant in Kensington, but I can't remember the name.

                Sushi Kitchan isn't fancy, but I didn't see anything wrong with it - the owner taking personal control of the kitchen seems to have made a difference in the quality. I'll go back and try it again when they have their liquor license (they're still waiting for it) because I think sushi goes better with beer or sake :-)

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                  Sushi Cafe is the one on the 8 St side of Calgary Place Apartments.

                  If you iike tempura asparagus in a roll, I urgently recommend the Green Goddess roll (it's veggie) at Midori on 17th SW and 9 St. One of the best veggie rolls I've ever had!

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                    Great to hear. We have had take out from them three times now. Once was great. The other times the rice was severely undercooked (crunchy still). I prefer rice that isn't mushy but this wasn't even close both times to being done. Also the rolls are ok but the size on them was way too big plus fell apart way too easily. Good to hear that they are trying to standardize the chef in there. Otherwise it was like rolling dice on whether you had a good chef or not for that night. Will have to give them another try soon (which I'm sure will happen since we live pretty much across the street).