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Nov 29, 2010 08:33 AM

Wanted: Delicious on-site grilling catering, BYOBBQ

Hi all,
We are looking for a person, team, caterer, restaurant, or the like to come down to San Clemente in April to feed about 100 guests for an informal wedding-like reception. I know San Clemente is outside of San Diego County, but we would love to cover all our local bases. What we would love is for someone to come and bring their own large grill and to grill and prepare a variety of foods there. We don't want just regular BBQ, but rather creative grilled foods -- meats, veggies, fishes, etc. Know anyone who does this? We'd love to hear your thoughts!!
Thank you so much,

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  1. We had a party of about 50 to celebrate the anniversary of my son and his wife. These guys did the catering, and everyone loved it. The food was great, they were very accommodating, and we really enjoyed Brandon and Harper Jessie. Tell them what you want, and they'll do their best to work something out for you.

    1. Randy Jones Buck Board BBQ does a great job.

      I have played at several golf tournaments and OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE did on site grilling.

      1. We have also used Phil's BBQ to cater several events for our daughters school. Food was great, and servers did a great job.

        Phil's BBQ
        3750 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110