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Nov 29, 2010 08:08 AM

substituting white chocolate for dark choclate in recipes

I'm wondering what I need to consider if I want to try to substitute white chocolate for dark chocolate in a recipe.
For example I have a brownie recipe that calls for flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs butter, salt, unsweetened baking chocolate and vanilla.

Can I maybe cut the sugar and just use white chocolate, or are there other things i need to consider?

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  1. "White" chocolate is not truly "chocolate" (it contains cocoa butter combined with milk and sugar) so you can't use it as an alternative ingredient in this manner.

    1. It'll definitely affect the taste, the moisture, the texture, etc. Agree with todao, it isn't the same ingredient with a diff flavor, it's a diff ingredient. The only exception is in recipes with chips--OK to swap white chips for other types of chips.

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        Agreed. Also, bear in mind white chocolate is MUCH more finicky than real chocolate when it comes to melting. Seizes very readily, overcooks very quickly, etc...

        1. re: Erika L

          I understand that it isn't the same ingredient.
          However it can be possible to substitute completely different ingredients if you know how they will react, and make adjustments. Unfortunatly I don't know how they will react.
          I am hoping that someone who has a sort of scientific understanding of the differences can steer me in the right direction of what changes I'd need to make if i want to use white chocolate.
          for example maybe use no sugar at all to adjust for the sugar in the white, and less butter and more flour to adjust for the moisture difference.
          I'm willing to experiment it would just be helpful to have a better idea of where to start.


          1. re: shaharidan

            Hi shaharidan,
            if you really want to replace unsweetened baking chocolate with white chocolate it will take experimentation -- white chocolate is all fat and sugar, essentially -- like you said, you will need to reduce the sugar and butter and maybe even the vanilla -- it will really depend on the quality of the white chocolate you are using and how much white chocolate you plan to put in the recipe

            like visciole said below, why not just start out with a white chocolate brownie recipe instead? then you can see how they did it and try modifying your own if you like the results

        2. I've only ever done that in a pots de creme recipe (and reduced the sugar), would not do it with anything baked.

          1. There are lots of recipes for white chocolate brownies on the web. Why not start out giving some of them a look?