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Nov 29, 2010 07:36 AM

Best place to buy rum?


where is the best place to buy a bottle of nice rum, i.e. the place with a good selection and decent prices? Close to Midtown would be nice, since I'll be staying there. But if the selection and pricing is good I might consider taking a taxi ride.

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    1. Not really close to Midtown... but Astor Wines & Spirits has very good liquor selection and prices.

      Astor Wines & Spirits
      399 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003

      1. Warehouse Wines and Sprits on Broadway south of Astor has an excellent rum selection and often has good discounts on hard liquor.

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          Astor has a wide selection including some excellent rums from Martinique.

        2. Astor has the best staff and selection (Virgin Islands, Jamaican, Martinique, Haitian, Nicaraguan, etc) but Warehouse has better prices, especially on the more mundane Captain Morgan and the like. Warehouse is dusty and cramped though. It really depends how high end you want to go. Sherry Lehmann will be slightly more expensive but sometimes they have things Astor doesn't. But often they'll have to order it from the Brooklyn warehouse for you. I did this and now I can't get off their mailing list!

          1. You might also look at Ambassador [2nd Ave @ 54th], anna. I find the selection there essentially equal to SL's and the prices are certainly competitive with the other places mentioned here.