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Nov 29, 2010 07:35 AM

Iberica, Gt Portland St, London

Has anyone been to Iberica? It is a deli/shop/tapas bar/restaurant on Great Portland Street.

I'd never heard of it until recently. It seems to get decent reviews on its tapas but less so for the restaurant.

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  1. They used to have a formal restaurant upstairs and the tapas bar downstairs but both sections now serve the same menu.
    Ham croquetas and milk fed lamb chops were good though, in my mind, inferior to Fino's.
    The seafood paella (which must be pre-ordered) was a slight disappointment. Timid seafood flavours and no attempt at getting a soccarat.
    Our waiter irritated me by teaching us that cavas cannot be off-dry.

    1. I really enjoyed the croquetas there but the black rice was undercooked and the service was hilariously bad; we had to play a game of charades for tap water as our waiter seemingly couldn't understand a word of English.

      1. thanks both, that's helpful

        1. Thought I would leave a comment because the below comments nearly put me off of going to Iberica and I would have really missed out on really great Spanish food! I saw that it won a Bib Gourmand in this year's Michelin Guide so decided it would be worth a shot. I've been a couple of times since then and I have found it to be great. Service is friendly but still professional - not overly attentive - I had to make eye contact sometimes (didnt have to play charades or anything), but I much prefer that to the dreaded "hovering waiter" !!

          The food is sooo good. Don't miss the secreto - my favourite. I've also been on a Sunday when they do paella- so authentic and really tasty. At the risk of sounding like an ad, don't miss the jamon iberico either. I find it difficult to find ham of that quality elsewhere in London.