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Nov 29, 2010 07:32 AM

Help me remake this sauce from Le Bernardin

Hey all,

I recently went to Le Bern and had their City Harvest menu. They make an amazing cod in an asian inspired sauce, which you can see here:

I would love to re-create this sauce. Serious eats says that it has ginger and cardamon, but I'm not quite sure what else it may have in it or how to prepare it. Please help!!

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  1. You can be almost certain that one of the ingredients will be fish sauce.

    1. I don't think it's possible to get any sort of meaningful help from anyone who has not tasted the sauce. When I was younger and cooked a lot more than I do today, I used to go to restaurants and go home and duplicate the flavors of whatever I wanted to recreate, but without tasting something? It's a shot in the dark and a guaranteed miss! Have you considered picking up Eric Ripert's "Le Bernadin" cook book? It would probably be more useful than wild guesses from us. Or you might call the restaurant and ask for the recipe. Or check out the programs in his "Avec Eric" PBS series. He often prepares dishes on the program that are on the menu at the restaurant. Good luck!

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        Thanks! I was actually expecting people to respond who had tried it in the restaurant. I didn't think that was unclear - silly to just expect someone to see it from a picture and know what it is, as you said. But I will certainly try the cookbook - I didn't even know he had one!!

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          If it were me, I would start by calling the restaurant and asking if the recipe is available. He's incredibly generous in sharing many of his recipes. If that's a blank wall, then maybe the PBS program files to see if he's made it on TV, then the recipe book. Good luck with your quest! May it be a piece of cake! Or fish. '-)

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            Hm...a generous chef! Then I'll try that, trying not to be shy. :)

      2. Like others have said I'd try calling and asking for the recipe first. If you get no joy maybe try hunting around on or contacting Eric Ripert's web site

        1. While not called a sauce but rather a chutney, here is the one from Eric Ripert's" On the Line "cook book. and is sometimes served with a green papaya salad.
          3 tbls canola oil.
          3 large shallots sliced.
          1/2 head garlic, peeled and sliced.
          4ounces peeled ginger.
          2 teasp green cardamom seeds.
          1star anise.
          2 slices jalapeno.
          2 tomatoes cored and chopped.
          1 cup rice wine vinegar.
          1 tbls sugar.
          fine sea salt and white pepper to taste.

          Heat canola,shallots, garlic and ginger till softened on med heat.
          add cardamom,star anise,jalapeno,tomatoes,vinegar and sugar and bring to a simmer stirring occasionally.
          Cook until it reaches the consistency of a jam, season with salt and pepper. It should taste sweet, spicy and sour. Cool and refrigerated. should last for about 10 days .
          Hope this helps. good luck and tell us how it turns out.

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            This sounds really amazing - as you said, not exactly the match but I'm sure equally as good and satisfying. I think this is going to be Wed. or Thurs night's dinner. Thanks for posting.